Zain YouTube Only Bundles Daily Weekly Monthly

Here we go with Zain unlimited YouTube bundles again. Now you can separately get daily, weekly, and monthly packages. All these packs are available to prepaid customers only. Today, I will show you the daily, monthly, and weekly unlimited YouTube package code with the price. There are other unlimited social packages on the Zain network. Anyways, let’s get into the details:

Daily Zain Unlimited YouTube

The daily unlimited YouTube package price is SAR 9/day. The activation code to send “500” to 959. If you want to deactivate the bundles, you can do it by sending the deactivation command “CA500” to 959. For your information, the price of SAR 9 is VAT inclusive. This means you don’t need to pay an extra VAT of 5% while getting the pack.

Zain daily YouTube Unlimited Pack

Weekly Zain Unlimited YouTube

Get YouTube-only data on the Zain network with unlimited usage for a whole week. For only SAR 35/week, you can activate the unlimited YouTube bundle. To subscribe you need to send the activation code “313” to 959 via SMS. If you are unhappy with the bundle and get rid of it or wanna deactivate it, then send “CA313” to 959. In both conditions, you will receive a text with confirmation notes. Note: The old price of the package was SAR 25. But it has been updated by Zain.

Zain weekly YouTube Unlimited Plan

Note: Only the Weekly YT pack is working at the moment.


Monthly Zain Unlimited YouTube

Want to enjoy watching YouTube for a complete month? Zain gives you unlimited YouTube usage for 1 month for SAR 99 only. You can easily activate the package by sending “502” to 959. Moreover, if you wanna unsubscribe from the package then send the code “CA502” to 959. However, the price is SAR 99 with a VAT of 5%.

Zain monthly YouTube Unlimited bundle

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