Zain Postpaid Black Daily, Weekly, Monthly Plans

As a Zain postpaid customer, you might be interested in their Black packages. Before such packages were available to prepaid users only. But they have added new ones for the postpaid users too. Starting from 50MB daily, 500MB weekly, 10GB for 1 month, 10GB for 3 months up to 300GB monthly different packs are there for you. You can select one and enjoy the best for your needs. So, let’s explore these Black bundles below…

Zain Black Postpaid Packages

Black BundleDurationPriceActivation codeCancellation code
50MB1 daySAR 2.3SMS "D50" to 959SMS "CA50M" to 959
500MB1 weekSAR 13.8SMS "D500" to 959SMS "CA500" to 959
1GB1 monthSAR 34.5SMS "D1000" to 959SMS "CA1GB" to 959
2GB1 monthSAR 57.5SMS "D2000" to 959SMS "CA2GB" to 959
5GB1 monthSAR 86.5SMS "D5000" to 959SMS "CA5GB" to 959
10GB1 monthSAR 109.5SMS "10GBM" to 959SMS "CA10M" to 959
10GB3 monthsSAR 189.75SMS "10GB" to 959SMS "CA10G" to 959
20GB3 monthsSAR 253SMS "20GB" to 959SMS "CA20G" to 959
50GB3 monthsSAR 304.75SMS "50GB" to 959SMS "CA50G" to 959
100GB1 monthSAR 184SMS "100GBM" to 959SMS "CA100M" to 959
100GB3 monthsSAR 368SMS "100GB" to 959SMS "CA100" to 959
150GB3 monthsSAR 414SMS "150GB" to 959SMS "CA150" to 959
300GB3 monthsSAR 517.5SMS "300GB" to 959SMS "CA300" to 959

The prices for each plan listed above are 15% VAT inclusive. In fact, that is the final price upon getting or renewal of the package. Please note that these data-only packages. So there are NO free minutes, local and international minutes included in the bundles. You can check other postpaid plans with data and minutes.

The data in the bundles can be used with both 4G and 5G devices. So, if you have a 5G network-supported device, then it’s a plus. You can then enjoy a fast internet speed without any limitations. Moreover, there are no unlimited plans at the moment. If they add any, we will instantly update this article. Though if you need an unlimited 5G plan.

As I have mentioned before these plans are just for Zain postpaid customers in the Kingdom. However, there are Black 1, 2, and 3 packages for prepaid users available. Moreover, you can check your remaining postpaid data balance via SMS with “BC” to 959. Alternatively, for the remaining data, you can also use the Zain SA app.

As Black is the new pack. So, if you having trouble activating any of the given subscription codes above. I will suggest you first the Zain SA app. If you still cannot get one, then dial 959 to get customer care support.

Anyways, do you like the new Zain Black bundles as a postpaid customer? Let me know in the comment section below.

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