Zain 35 Riyal Unlimited Data Package Monthly KSA

Today I am going to show the one the best internet data package only. You can unlimited data for a whole with a very cheap price you cannot mages. Yes, you heard me. This is one of the best and cheap data plan ever from Zain. You can watch movies, browse the internet and use your favorites social media with this data without any limitation. Let me show the details for this plan and the activation code, deactivation procedure and validity, and prices with VAT. So, let’s explore this cheapest pack on the Zain network in KSA…

Zain 35 Riyal Unlimited Data Package

This 35 SAR only package can get data without any slow speed and limitation. There are no limitations in the plan, you can watch movies on youtube, Netflix, or any other of your favorite platform. Also, you use any social apps with data like Facebook, Messenger, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and much more. However, here is how you can activate the package:

To activate the Zain 35 SAR unlimited data package for 1 month, go to your SMS app, compose a new text message with “SN3” and send it to 959. Once sent the message, you will get a reply from Zain that you have successfully activated their with unlimited internet for one month.

Note: Zain will deduct your 15 SAR. Now, last but not least, buy any VPN service for SAR 20 only from anywhere. You can watch this video on YouTube for your reference.

Disclaimer: As this method is described everywhere on the internet but may not work for you. I will not suggest anyone buy any package from anywhere or any VPN service from anywhere as this is not official. If you need any help with the official Zain package or need any activation or deactivation code, then let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Saquib says

    Please clarify if I recharge & activate Zain for 35SAR , can I make calls if I already have a VPN ? I have a prepaid Zain connection.

    1. Admin says


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