Zain Flex Weekly, Monthly & 3 Months Plans KSA

Zain brings us new exciting data offers with more minutes, unlimited YouTube, and free WiFi usage. The packages are named Zain Flex Packages and they are available for weekly, monthly, and 3 months subscriptions only. However, these new Flex plans by Zain are pretty affordable and easy to get. I am going to show you the activation codes along with full details, stay tuned…

Let me tell you that these packages are with Flex minutes. In short, you can use these Flex minutes to calling locally to all networks as well as international calls. Here is the supported countries list: Yemen, India, Egypt, Phillippines, Nepal, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, UAE, Sudan, and Jordan.

New Zain Flex Packages

Well, there are four Flex packages available for prepaid users in the Kingdom who has Zain sim card. Every Zain customer is eligible to get the package. However, they must have enough balance to subscribe to one. Have a look at the complete details fo these Flex packages:

Flex 29 Package

Zain Flex 29 package is pretty affordable and will give you 4 weeks of validity. The price is SAR 29.00 only, while you get 50 Flex minutes, 1GB YouTube data, and 1GB WiFi data. To subscribe to the Flex 29 plan, SMS “101” to 959.

Flex 19 Package

Just like the name of the package, the price of the Flex 19 is SAR 19.00 only. You will get 30 Flex minutes, 2GB data for YouTube, 1GB DATA for WiFi. The validity is just 1 week, to subscribe to Zain Flex 19 package SMS “100” to 959.

Flex 99 Package

Need more data and unlimited youtube allowance on Zain? Get the Zain Flex 99 package for only SAR 99.00 for 1 month. You get unlimited YouTube data, 20GB data, and 250 Flex minutes. To activate the Zain Flex 99 plan, SMS “102” to 959.

Flex 319 Package

Need unlimited data and youtube with more minutes? You can get the Zain Flex 319 package for SAR 319.00 only for 3 months. The plan comes with 100GB of data and unlimited YouTube with 800 free Flex minutes. However, you can subscribe to the Flex 319 pack by sending SMS “103” to 959.

For your information, the Flex minutes you will get in the above package can be used for calls to all local networks and internationally supported countries. Countries are Yemen, India, Egypt, UAE, Phillippines, Nepal, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sudan, and Jordan.

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