Zain Y25 Package (YouTube, Minutes, SMS) Details

Thousands of Zain customers are complaining about the Zain Unlimited YouTube package. Because they are unable to activate the offer. If you are one of those customers, I am going to solve the issue for you. I will show you the latest activation code to get the y25 package, its validity, and price update. So, let’s get started…

Zain Y25 Package Details

Zain has updated the price details and subscription code for the Y25 package. Now, the process is different and the price has been updated from SAR 25.00 per month to SAR 30.00 per month. Here are the details:

The price of the Y25 Pack is SAR 30.00 (updated with tax). The validity time is 28 days only. However, you can easily activate it, by sending 30 to 959.

You will get unlimited YouTube browsing. 2GB of internet data for other online activities. 120 local minutes to all Zain and other networks in KSA. Also, 2000 SMS to all networks for the 1st week when you activate the package.

Important Note: Keep in mind that only the first 500K ( 500 Thousand) customers are eligible to get the package. Any customer who is trying to get the package, won’t be able to get it when the 1st 500 thousand are completed. In short, it’s a limited-time offer.

If any of them deactivate the offer and you are trying to subscribe to the offer, you will get it but only by chance. I hope you are getting my point. Also, old Zain customers are eligible for the offer subscription.

Moreover, if you are a postpaid Zain customer and want to get an unlimited YT bundle at an affordable price. Here are the updated Zain non-stop YT bundles for postpaid users. Even all Shabab Bundles let you enjoy unlimited YT browsing at no extra cost. For more details, use the official Zain SA app.

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