How to Cancel STC Sim [2 Methods]

If you want are using multiple STC sim cards and you want to cancel any of them. You can do it with a few simple steps. However, let me inform you that the old method is not working anymore. Because the Saudi government has updated the CST application it is no longer able to cancel any of your sim cards online. So, I am going to show to an easy method to close your STC sim card with a few simple steps. So, let’s get started…

How to Cancel STC Sim

Actually, there are two methods to do so. One is to call the STC official helpline number and humbly request them to close or cancel your sim. it’s a useful method for those users who don’t understand how to manage things online. However, for those users who don’t want to call the helpline, simply contact STC customer care online and ask them for the same. So, let’s get started…

1. Call STC Helpline

Open the dialpad on your phone and call 01144555555 or 900. Once the call is connected with a customer care representative, simply request the person to cancel your sim card. They will ask you a few confirmation questions e.g your Iqama ID, etc. Once confirmed, they immediately close your SIM card in the next few minutes.

1. Using STC Online Support

In this method, you need to raise a complaint that you want to cancel your STC sim. Visit the STC Rise a Complaint page. Enter the Captcha Code and click Next.

1 - How to Cancel STC Sim

You will be redirected to the Nafath to login. Confirm the login process with your Iqama ID and OTP code. Once done, you will redirected back to the STC Support page to raise a complaint.

2 - How to Cancel STC Sim

Select your STC number as the Service Number. Select No on the “Do you want to report SPAM or Fraud”. In the Complaint type select “Not Fulfilling Suspension or Cancellation Rewquest for a Service or Number”. Now, on the Complaint subtype option, select “Suspension/Cancelation of Service”. Then enter any contact number that is active.

3 - How to Cancel STC Sim

Next, select Are you Delegate as NO. Issue Type as Service Number, enter the Cancelation Request date, and description as “I want to cancel my number”. Then click the Submit button.

Now you will get a success message with the tracking number. Simply note that number for tracking the sim cancellation request on the STC website. You can use their Complaint status page to do so. Once they take action, STC will cancel your number and you will get a confirmation SMS on the contact number you have provided while raising the complaint.

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