How to Send Balance from Zain to Pakistan

It’s easier than before to send balance from Zain to Pakistan. in Saudi Arabia Zain allows its prepaid users to transfer their mobile credit to their home country Pakistan. Actually, all prepaid users can transfer their mobile credit to India and Phillippines as well. There is also a procedure in which you can share your balance with friends who have Zain numbers.

However, in this guide, we explain how to transfer load from Zain to Pakistan. You can follow the below-given steps in order to complete the transaction.

How to Transfer Balance from Zain to Pakistan

Follow these steps to send your Zain mobile balance from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan.

  1. Dial *111*Pakistani number with country code*transfer amount# and tap the call button
  2. A confirmation message will pop up, type 1 to confirm and tap the “Reply” button
  3. You will see this messageThank you. We are currently processing your request, however, a confirmation SMS will be sent to you when the process is complete” tap the “Dismiss” button.

An example is: *111*00923330000000*1#

How to send balance from Zain to Pakistan (DEMO)

Now that you have completed the transaction successfully. You should get a confirmation SMS from Zain in 3 to 5 seconds. To manually confirm the transfer, just check your remaining Zain mobile balance.

It is possible to face any issue while doing the transfer procedure. However, in that situation, you may need to call 959. it is a customer care number. All you need is to talk to one of the representatives and ask them to solve the issue. Keep in mind that there is a transfer fee while sending the balance from KSA to PK.

So the above is a complete and easy guide for how to send Zain credit or mobile balance to Pakistan. Feel free to ask your questions if there are any. We will be glad to help you with your transaction.

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