Zain Flex 99 Offer with Extra Benefits KSA

Zain network in Saudi Arabia always brings something new for prepaid customers. Yes, there are amazing Flex packages but there is one that now offers lots of extra benefits. You will get extra internet data, social data, and more minutes for local use only. Let me show you the plan details below.

Zain Flex 99 Offer with Extra Benefits

There is an ongoing exclusive offer for Zain prepaid customers in the Kingdom. I am talking about the Flex 99 offer with more benefits. When you activate the bundle for SAR 99, you will get 25GB of internet data instead of 20GB, along with 25GB of social data instead of 20 GB. Also, 750 minutes for local and international use instead of 500 minutes. however, the validity period remains the same as 28 days (4 weeks) only.

For your information, you can use the allowed 25GB of social data only for Social media apps including YouTube, Facebook, and Skype.

Keep in mind that only new prepaid customers are eligible to get the offer. Also, a prepaid payment is required to activate the package.

As I have mentioned before the validity of Benefits is only 4 Weeks. However, the renewal cost will remain the same as Flex 99 costs 99 SAR. But this does not include the VAT 15% tax, as will be charged upon the package renewal.

You will have 700 free Flex minutes that can be used for local calls & 8 international destinations including Sudan, Bangladesh, India, Yemen, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kuwait, and Egypt.

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