Salam Mobile Internet Packages 2023

Salam Mobile is new in the Kingdom but provides all the best all-in-one packages. Not just for prepaid users but postpaid users also. All their internet data offers 20GB, 50GB, 79GB, 80GB, and unlimited data with social, local minutes, and international minutes. So, you don’t need to activate any other bundle for an extra cost. That is the beauty of the Salam Mobile network in the Kingdom.

Today, I will show you all their data plans with prices, activation codes, validity, and more information. So without further waiting Let’s get started…

Salam Mobile Internet Packages Prepaid

At the moment there are only 5 packages that come with internet data, social, local, and international minutes. Let me show you the complete details of these plans:

Note: All the Salam Mobile prepaid data packages give you social data that can be used for Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

Allowed Social Apps in Salam Mobile Internet Packages

20GB + 20GB Social (Solo 74)

The price of the Solo 74 package is SAR 74.50. You will get 20GB of local data and 20GB of social data to use social media apps. There are 450 local minutes and 450 SMS for local use only. The validity is 30 days. The best thing is unused remaining data (maximum 20GB) will be added to your package upon its renewal.

50GB + Unlimited Social (Solo)

The Solo Salam Mobile data plan gives you 50GB of internet data for local use, unlimited social media usage, unlimited minutes, and SMS for local use only. The price of the Salam Solo package is SAR 149.00 only. The validity is 1 month. Salam will add a maximum of 25GB remaining data to your next package.

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79GB + Unlimited Social (Solo 179)

The best package comes with a lot of features. The price is SAR 179 with a validity of 1 month only. However, you will receive 79GB internet data, unlimited social data, unlimited local minutes, and SMS. Thus Salam will roll a 40GB maximum of unused data to your next package upon renewal.

80GB + Unlimited Social (Solo 199)

If you need international minutes with local, social data, and local minutes. Then go with the Salam Solo 199 internet package. The price is SAR 199.00 per month. It gives you 80GB of internet data, with unlimited social, 1800 local, and 100 international minutes. Moreover, Salam will roll a 40 GB maximum of remaining data to your next package.

Salam Unlimited Data with Social (Solo Infinite)

If you want to go beyond the limits, then go with the Salam Solo Infinite data offer. The price is SAR 359.00 per month. You will get unlimited internet data, and unlimited social media data, with unlimited local minutes and SMS. You can have an additional sim card with an internet connection.

All prepaid user can check their balance, data, minutes, and SMS as well as international minutes by dialing *103# and *102# for the desired package resources.

Salam Mobile Postpaid Internet Packages

All the postpaid data plans are the same as prepaid. The same amount of data, social use, local minutes, and SMS. Similarly, only 5 packages are available for postpaid Salam sim users. Here are the complete details:

Salam PackagePriceSocial dataMinutes / SMSValidity
20GB - Solo 74SAR 74.0020GB450 Minutes + SMS1 Month
50GB - SoloSAR 171.35UnlimitedUnlimited1 Month
79GB - Solo 179SAR 206.43UnlimitedUnlimited1 Month
80GB - Solo 199SAR 228.85Unlimited1800 local minutes + 100 International1 Month
Unlimited data - Solo 199SAR 412.85UnlimitedUnlimited1 Month

You can use your Salam postpaid social data for Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

For your information, if you have consumed your data, minutes, or SMS and still using the same resources. You will be charged as per the Salam Pay-As-You-Go plan. Here are the PAYG details:

Local Onnet calls will cost you 0.35 SAR/Min, Offnet 0.35 SAR/Min, local Onnet SMS cost is 0.35 SAR/message, and Offnet SMS cost is 0.35 SAR/message. If you use internet data without a package then the cost is 0.02 SAR/MB.

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