VIVA to VIVA Credit Balance Transfer Kuwait and Bahrain

If Kuwait or Bahrain VIVA is the best and leading telecommunication provider in these countries. VIVA is owned by STC which one of the top telecom companies in GCC. In this guide, I will show you how to transfer or share the credit from VIVA to VIVA numbers in Kuwait or Bahrain.

VIVA allows its prepaid users to share their mobile balance or credit with each and with ease. However, only prepaid users are allowed to share and transfer their credit with another VIVA number holder.

There is three different and easy procedure which you can to send your balance to another VIVA number. And they are:


This is one of the best and easy methods to send your VIVA balance to your friends or family member. All you need to open dial pad, dial *121*Amount you want to transfer*Receiver VIVA number#. You will shortly get an SMS by VIVA that your amount has been successfully transferred.


This is also an easy method to share credit balance from VIVA to VIVA in Bahrain. All you need is to go to Message application, write a new message and type in T(space)Amount(space)Receiver VIVA number and send the message to 81121.

In a short while, a minute or less you will the confirmation message that your credit balance has been transferred.


In your Android or iOS application, you should have the application by default called SIM TOOL KIT. You can use the tool kit for sending or transferring your VIVA balance. Open the application and go to “Balance Transfer Service” then just follow the onscreen instruction by the application.


You can follow this simple USSD code in order to share or send credit balance from VIVA number to another VIVA number. All you need to dial *123*Receiver VIVA number*Amount you want transfer#. In a minute or two, you will receive SMS contains that you have successfully transferred your balance.


  • All prepaid users in both and Kuwait and Bahrain must enter the amount as 1, 2, 4, 5 up to 100 BD.
  • The minimum amount you can transfer is 1 BD and the maximum is 100 BD.
  • The transfer of limited per day is 100 times only.
  • The balance will not refund once sent.
  • You cannot share or transfer the balance to another network number.
  • The service charge is just 50 fils per transaction.

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