ZIP/Postal Code of Jeddah, Riyadh – All Saudi Arabia Cities

The zip code is postal code and it contains mostly five and nine digits. Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and other major cities have different postal codes. Today I going to show you all these postal or zip codes all the major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Actually, if someone or yourself is ordering something or receiving a letter. The first important thing is the address area code for Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, and more cities.

Jeddah Zip/Postal Code:

The zip/postal code for Jeddah is 21577. Most people don’t know about theses codes at all. But for once in your life as an expatriate, you may have searched for Jeddah zip code. So now you will not be confused anymore.

Riyadh Zip/Postal Code:

The postal/zip code for Riyadh is 21514. If your relatives/anyone want to send you something inside or outside from KSA. Just tell him/her that the zip or postal code of Riyadh is 21514. You can also use it on every online store which requires zip or postal code.

All Major Cities and Their Zip or Postal Codes

KSA City and it’s Zip or Postal Code
Makkah Zip/Postal Code is 21514
Madinah Zip/Postal Code is 20012
Jeddah Zip/Postal Code is 21577
Riyadh Zip/Postal Code is 11564
Dammam Zip/Postal Code is 31433
Taif Zip/Postal Code is 21431
Tabuk Zip/Postal Code is 50060
Buraidah, Qassim Zip/Postal Code is 51431
Khamis Zip/Postal Code is 61961
Yanbu Zip/Postal Code is 30799
Sakaka Zip/Postal Code is 75471
Najran Zip/Postal Code is 61441
Al Khobar Zip/Postal Code is 31952
Jubail Zip/Postal Code is 31961
Dhahran Zip/Postal Code is 51431
Abha Zip/Postal Code is 61321

The above are two major cities in Saudi Arabia. Most expatriates and workers are living there with a large number of majority. They do shopping online, receive a letter, payment, bank transactions much more related stuff. For example, if some from Jeddah want to buy a cell phone online, they will probably need a postal code. So that the online store can send the cell phone on that specific area code.

That is why it is important for every single expatriate to know about these postal codes. You can note these in your mobile phone so there will be no need to query again and again for the Jeddah zip code and Riyadh postal code.

If you are living in other areas like Dammam etc, then comment down below so I will provide you the specific area code that region.

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