Check Red Green Iqama Status Online

Check your iqama status red or green, platinum and yellow online in KSA. As an expatriate, it is very important for you to know about the iqama status color. The color is also called Nitqata system. The Nitaqat program is implemented for checking out and know about the current status of your company, kafeel, mosasa. Also how the company is doing either good or bad.

Nowadays it is very easy to check your iqama status red or green online. The government of Saudi Arabia implemented MOL (Ministry of Labor) online service for such queries. So that citizens and non-citizens can find (Saudization) the good or bad status of their kafeel or company or mosasa.

All you need for iqama check red green is your iqama number and stable internet connection on your smartphone or PC/laptop. The video guide is available down below.

Check Iqama Red or Green Status Online

Pick your Iqama or muqeem card, and open your smartphone/PC with a stable internet connection. But you need to ensure first your iqama is not expired. Then follow the below/easy steps:

  1. Visit MOL which is the official site for query Ministry of Labor online services
  2. Enter your Iqama number (as shown in the image below)
  3. Now enter the image code
  4. Click the below “View” button which is “Behes” in the Arabic language

Query Iqama status check red green

As soon as you click the view button, the official MOL page will reload and display the following information.

  • You will see your full name in English (capital words of English).
  • Your iqama or muqeem card number.
  • An Iqama color such as red, green, white, platinum, and yellow (refer to the image below).
  • Last but not least, the company status code.

Iqama color red green yellow platinum

That is all, now that you know about your company, institute, or mosasa, color iqama status color. If the iqama check red green is in red or yellow, then it would be better and the right time to get transfer to another good company. However, if the color is green, white or platinum then you are in a good company. So, there is no need to transfer somewhere else.

What is Iqama Red or Green?

The Iqama is your residence permit, legal proof of your living in Saudi Arabia. The red or green, yellow, white and platinum are color categories. The four main categories including all these colors are called Nitaqat. Nitaqat is also called Saudization, which is the quantity of Saudi citizens in a single company and mosasa/institute.

The Nitaqat is a program introduced by the KSA government years ago. Which aim to identify a company or kafeel status via colors either it is good/very good or bad or very bad as per Saudization.

What is Iqama Red Color Category?

The red color means the lowest/very low number of Saudi citizens in a company. Which means the company is not good anymore and may not provide benefits to its workers. The government doesn’t provide benefits to such companies and mosasas. Such as higher iqama renewal fees, iqama renewal will be late and so on. In such a case, a transfer would be the best decision for an expat to take.

What is Iqama Green Color Category?

Iqama green color means the heigh above the average number of Saudi citizens in a single company/institute. Which means the company is good and healthy in terms of providing benefits to its workers/labors. The government does provide lots of benefits to such companies, institutes, and mosasas. Such as low iqama renewal fees, iqama renewal will be quick and so on. In such a case, staying in the company or with kafeel would be a good decision for an expat.

What is Iqama Yellow Color Category?

Yellow color status of Iqama means a little low, below the average number of Saudi citizens in one company. That identifies the company is doing good so far and may get a little priority in terms of benefits to its labor/workers. The government may provide some benefits to such companies or institutes and mosasas. Such as a little concession in the iqama renewal fee, iqama renewal will be late but not as red category and so on. Well, expat needs to wait and watch the game and decide after a few months if the company is getting better or not.

What is Iqama Platinum Color Category?

A platinum color is one of the best Nitaqat color categories. And show the highest number of Saudi citizens (Saudization). Which clearly means the company is best and evergreen in terms of providing more than enough benefits to its workers/labor/management. The government does provide the highest number of benefits to such companies. Such as lowest iqama renewal fees, iqama renewal will be quick and faster and so on. You definitely need to stay for the long term in these kinds of companies.

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