Check Iqama Status Expiry Red Green Huroob and Funds

Check your Saudi Iqama status for expiry date, red, green, yellow, huroob, available funds and much more. These are the most asked question and popular search terms by expatriates around the world in Saudi Arabia. Iqama the most important card also know the resident ID and Muqeem card. Today I will show you how to check iqama status online for each query.

Do you know what is Iqama Expiry and what is its expiry date? These are a very important searched topic on the internet and most asked questions by expatriates working and living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Iqama is also known as the resident permit and Muqeem card in Saudi Arabia. However, it is one of the most important Jawazat documents for foreigners. It like the identity card of your legal presence in Kingdom.

Whenever you get your fist iqama ID or muqeem card, it is important to keep checking and tracking its validity or expiry. If your working and visiting here and there with an expired resident permit, there are heavy fines implemented on expired resident permits by the government. You should be aware of these things and know when your iqama may get expired.

Usually Jawazat in Saudi Arabia issue the resident permit for 1, 2 or 5 years. On various iqama id cards the date is not clearly mentioned, in that case, you will need to check the iqama expiry status online.

I am going to share with you guys the two easiest methods for checking iqama status expiry date online. So you can easily know about your id expiry date and may query in the future easily from your home or office online.

Jawazat in Saudi deals with all matters related to muqeem cards. For example making and providing new id card for expatriates, and citizens, renewal, name and profession change, fees updates and much more. They have also provided an online e-services portal for both expatriates and Saudi citizens. Which is called MOI Absher. The Ministry of Interior official website for various types of e-services.

You can avail all these services just registering one Absher online and activate your account on Absher. They only thing required for registration is your valid iqama id number, email, and phone number under your iqama id number. After completing Absher account registration and activation, you will able to check your iqama expiry status online in a few seconds through their website. Now let proceed to the procedure of checking iqama status expiry online on MOI.

Check Iqama Status Expiry Online

A commonly used and a very quick method for checking your iqama status online on MOI. Following this method is easy because there is no need for any registration. So you will have direct access to the Ministry of Interior the “MOI” online portal for  “Query Iqama Expiry Service”.

A simple and easy to understand portal for foreigners and even citizens to check their Iqama Expiry. Now what you wanna do is to click this “Query Iqama Expiry Service” link to access MOI online portal. You will shortly be redirected to MOI Absher official page of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior’s Portal, refer to the below screenshots. Now, in order to find out your iqama status for id expiry date follow the below steps:

  1. Visit  “Query Iqama Expiry Service”
  2. Enter the Ten (10) digits Iqama ID number, it is visible on the front side of your muqeem card under your picture.
  3. Now that you entered your iqama number (ensure it is correct), now you will see an image (RECAPTCHA Code). Note and enter that image code in the below box under the image.
  4. Last but not least just click the “View” button
  5. The MOI page will reload, thus the system will display your iqama expiry date status within a few seconds.


So now you need to wait for a couple of seconds and you will see your muqeem or resident permit date instantly. If the date is valid, you will see a green and the year/Month/Day/ date format. However, if the muqeem card is expired, you will see a red bar with the date.

Moreover, noted that you will notice the Hijri date calendar format. If you are familiar with Hijri date calendar then it is fine, but if not then you will need to change the Gregorian date calendar format. Below I am going to provide you the link and procedure for how you can change to Hijri date to Gregorian. So that you will be able to convert the expiry date of your muqeem card from Hijri to Gregorian. Now let’s get into the procedure.

How to Check and Convert Iqama Expiry Date in English?

After checking out an expiry date of Iqama ID using official MOI “Query Iqama Expiry Service”. The online portal will display the date in Hijri (format) calendar. So most of the users and expatriates are confused and don’t know how to convert the Hijri expiry date to English one.

Now you definitely need an online tool (date converter) Hijri to Gregorian. I am going to provide the converter link below for your ease. Just follow the below simple steps to convert your iqama expiry/validity date from Hijri to gregorian:

  1. Visit Hijri to Gregorian Converter, thanks to Islamic city for providing such a tool
  2. Select the option “From Hijri”.
  3. Select Month, then “Day” and lastly the “Year” of Hijri calendar
  4. Finally, click the “Convert” button there (see the screenshot below).
  5. The page will reload in a second or two and will display your iqama status expiry date in English.

Convert iqama expiry date from Hijri to Gregorian

Check Iqama Status Validity Date Online:

There might be possibilities that the above-given method might not work properly. There are an alternative and proper way you can try for iqama check and find Iqama validity date online. It is the same method but with full details.

Now first things first, just visit  MOI in KSA, you will be redirected to the homepage of Ministry of Interior online portal website. But the worst thing it will be in the Arabic language, and you must change it English for better your ease. Then you can follow the below step in for iqama status check validity date online:

  1. Visit MOI Absher Official Web Portal,
  2. Click on the  “English” you can it on the top left of the page.
  3. Login to your account (create one first if don’t have) with username and password and image code
  4. Click on “Query Iqama expiry service” in your dashboard on Absher
  5. Enter your iqama id number then enter the image code and click on the view button.


Wait until the MOI query page reload and you will see your iqama validity date in a red or green bar. But as always the date you will see there should be in Hijri, you can change following the above-provided method.

Quick Iqama Tips:

Iqama or you may hear it as Muqeem card, it is a temporary resident permit of Saudi  Arabia they provide to the foreigners’ residents living there. The muqeem card is an identity card in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and legal proof of your current presence. The government provides this ID card to those who have a valid and working Saudi Arabia Residency visa. For example the student visa, the Employment visa, the Dependents visa, the spouse visa and more types of visas.

In short, I will say you cannot get out of your room if you don’t have a valid Iqama Id. Saudi locals mention the word Iqama as Muqeem card in their local language. It is very and one of the most top priority important documents you will ever have in Saudi Arabia.

This document will help you get government and non-government as well as related services and use them. Like for example if you get into the bank and ask them that you wanna open a bank account. The first question they will you is to provide the iqama ID. Same could happen while paying bills, and getting different types of treatments in government and private hospitals.

Like it happens the most that sometimes you may want to visit other countries from Saudi Arabia. Strange but true that without the muqeem card you cannot visit any other countries. And it so awkward even if you can not get to your home country until you get a valid Iqama ID for couple days. More likely it is one of the top requirements for apply for exit re-entry visas as well.

The above are the only examples, and let me tell you one thing. You can not visit here and there in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Because the police can catch you and may put you in jail without Iqama or expire Iqama.

Requirements For Making a New Iqama

There is no need to worry about your new iqama id in the KSA. Workers and job holder are getting their iqama ids within the three months period. Because if the company you are working don’t provide you a legal residence permit, then their tons of penalties they need to pay to the government of Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, your residency visa is the only required document to apply for an Iqama. Usually, the residency visas include work visa/employment visa, also if you are on a study visa, as well on the dependents visa and spouse visa. And that is where you sponsor takes the responsibility of all these things.

Iqama Renewal and its Fees

Now that you know about your iqama validity status from MOI. So now it is totally up to take care of the expiration date and renew your muqeem card before it gets expired. However, Jawazat/MOI allows expatriates and sponsors to check and renew the resident permit within the allowed 3 days period. If not you should pay fines to the government of Saudi Arabia.

Please never avoid keeping your id up to date in Saudi Arabia. Otherwise, you may get suspended from your work and other services e.g bank accounts, sim card and more. And nowadays it is very easy to add the funds of your iqama renewal online and thus you will get a new iqama within months.

The current as per now (published date of this blog post) is 750 SAR, and 600 SAR is a charge for your work permit. Moreover, 450 SAR is a charge of Insurance. However all citizens and non-citizens expatriates are required to do medical test in some situations.

Once everything is done successfully, now you need to instantly check iqama status of your available funds online on MOI. The reason is, if you add funds on MOI, and get disappeared, it clearly means that you are gonna get your new iqama within 7 days. But the question of how you check the iqama available funds online? Well, Let me show the procedure down below.

Check Iqama Available Funds Status Online

The procedure for checking iqama funds online is very simple and easy to understand. I am also going to provide your screenshots of each step for better understanding. To check the available funds online on MOI online portal, follow these steps:

  1. Visit MOI “Query Iqama Available Funds
  2. Again login to your account create one first if you don’t have
  3. Click on “Query Iqama available funds” in your Absher dashboard
  4. Enter your Iqama Id ten-digit number
  5. Now enter the image (have a look at the screenshot reference below)
  6. The final step, click on the “View” button
  7. You will be redirected to the result page of your available funds


Remember, as mentioned earlier, if you don’t see the funds you have added, it means MOI took these funds and will provide you Iqama ID in one week. However, if you still can your deposited funds online, then wait and instantly check it. Remember you can withdraw your available funds if you want. So there is no need to worry about.

Check Iqama Red Green Status Color Online

There are four color categories, they are known as Nitaqat categories of a Sponsor / Employer / Kafeel or Company. The Nitaqat system was implemented a couple of years by the KSA government. The main aim of the system was to get Saudi Arabian citizens more jobs in the Kingdom. The four different colors are Red, green, yellow, platinum and some say white is also included. But that is not true as per my knowledge.

These colors totally depend and bounded to the number of Saudi local employees (Saudization) in one company or mosasa. An alternative for Nitaqat is also Saudization. This is just for your general information. However, I am going to describe iqama red-green status and yellow and platinum below. Follow the steps in order to check your iqama status red, green, yellow or platinum. Here is the complete guide for how iqama color status check.

  1. Visit MOL for “Query Iqama Color Status Check”
  2. Enter your Iqama id number as you can see in the below reference image
  3. Enter the image code
  4. Click the “View” button in the Arabic language it is “Bihis”, just for your reference.

Check Iqama Status Red Green Yellow and Platinum

If you don’t understand the above steps and for some reason, you cant check your muqeem card color red or green. Then follow the below video guide.

The WHITE Nitaqat Category:

I will keep the white category explanation simple for better understanding. In short, If any company in Saudi Arabia have just 1 Saudi employee and 10 foreign workers/expatriates. So as per the Nitaqat system, the company status is White, not good neither bad.

The Green and Platinum Nitaqat Category:

If you see your iqama status color green and platinum then congratulations. Because your company has more than 13% of Saudi employees. Which is a good number and the company can get more benefits from the government. Such as low iqama fees and more projects. The major benefits are:

  • Can quickly get a new visa is within two or fewer months.
  • Green and platinum color categories company can renew its workers’ iqama quickly within three months of period.
  • Fewer iqama fees
  • Easy profession change for workers.

Yellow Color Nitaqat Category:

All companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the employee about 7% of Saudi nationals are added in the yellow color category. Do you know that there are some disadvantages as well as some advantages like for example:

  1. These type of companies can get 1 new visa for 2 employees apart from the sponsorship.
  2. Cannot transfer sponsorship.
  3. Employees in the company with four years of service cannot get new iqama after expiration. They will need to leave the Kingdom.

The Red Color Nitaqat Category:

The worst category of the Nitaqat system is the red one. In this category, the companies have just a little  4% of Saudi local employees. The company will not provide any good benefits as follows.

  1. No new visas.
  2. No Nakal Kafala.
  3. Let the workers and management go for green and platinum color companies, and the company cannot stop them.
  4. There is no iqama renewal for the red category.
  5. And no change of professions in KSA

Do you think that all this drama is only for getting Saudi Nationals jobs more than the expatriates? As I mentioned earlier, the main aim of the Nitaqat system is finding jobs for jobless Saudi citizens.

Check Iqama Huroob Status Online

The most dangerous word in Saudi Arabia, for those who ran away from their sponsors. Actually when a person or worker leaves the company without legal permission, then the sponsor has the full rights to file huroob against him/her. The word huroob is a word of Arabic language a bad a ran away person without legal permission.

There are strict rules and penalties when the sponsor file huroob against someone. For example, if there is huroob against you, and you have caught by the police. Then they will take you immediately to the airport and depart you for your home. If the police officer is kind of strict person then you may get jailed. Now follow these steps in order to check your iqama huroob status or if there is any huroob against your not.

  1. Visit MOL (Ministry of Interior official online portal)
  2. Enter your Iqama ID number
  3. Enter the image code
  4. And click on the “View” button. Please have a look at the below reference screenshot.

Check Iqama Status Huroob Online

Guess what, when the query page reloads and you can see your sponsor name and other details. Then ensure that you are totally safe. But if not then it means your sponsor filed huroob against your iqama number.

The New Green Card Style or Privileged Iqama:

This happened on 14th of May in 2019, that the Cabinet of Saudi Arabian Government approved the new style of the green card style also known as the “Privileged Iqama”. Since the dependent day of Saudi Arabia, for the first time in history, residents with Privileged Iqama don’t need to be sponsored by kafeel or company. These type of iqama holders are totally independent and responsible for themselves in the Kingdom. They can do the following in KSA:

  • Can own business and companies
  • Can own vehicle and properties and much more.

New Green Card Privileged Iqama

Moreover, I am curious to share that there are two types Iqama has been launched under green card style or Privileged iqama program. The 1st type of iqama id will be valid for one year only the responsible will need to pay for the renewal of it. However, the second type of Iqama or the privileged one and granted for an unlimited time period with no expiry and renewals.

Benefits of Having an Iqama

Now that you know everything about the status of your muqeem card. Now let’s talk about some of the major benefits of having a valid resident permit/muqeem/iqama. With having a valid iqama:

You can visit places in Saudi Arabia and outside of Saudi Arabia, for example, Oman, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and all GCC countries. Can open a business. Open a bank account in a bank, for example, NCB, Al Rajhi, National Bank, Bank Al Jazeera and much more. You can get a visa for your family. You can issue exit re-entry visa. Dependent visa. Send money to your home country, for example, Pakistan, India, Philippines and more. Also, read Iqama Check Kafeel Name Status.

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