MOI Fund Check Iqama Available Funds Online

Iqama fund is a very important and popular word for all expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. Iqama available moi fund check is easy and simple. It the fee your kafeel or company has added on MOI Absher Jawazat official website (for e-services). That could be any e-service, such as issuing a new Iqama, or its renewal, visa, exit re-entry and so on.

If you don’t know what is MOI fund check, the words stand for “Ministry of Interior”. It is the official online website for e-service facility for citizens and non-citizens to provide them e-services, some of them are:

  • Making a new Iqama or Muqeem card online and its renewal
  • Issuing a new visa
  • All exit re-entry services
  • Family visa
  • Single visa
  • Nakal Kafal, changing kafeel or company/sponsorship
  • Huroob services and removing huroob online
  • Iqama fund
  • Refund the iqama available funds online in just 15 minutes
  • Permanent and temporarily visa issuance and much more.

Check Iqama Fund Online on MOI Absher

The procedure for checking your available funds in iqama via iqama number is easy. All you need is your a valid iqama number and a stable internet connection. The procedure is the same for all expatriates and Saudi citizens.

But expats must select the English version (as shown in the below steps) as they might not be familiar with the Arabic language. Moreover, you can access the official MOI (Ministry of Interior) website via smartphone or PC/laptop. The choice is totally yours. Now please follow the easy steps in order to query your available fund in iqama online. Note that, this a new method as per Absher website update.

  1. Visit the official MOI Absher website
  2. The default website language is “Arabic“, to change it, click the “English” option at the top
  3. The page will reload and you will see the English version of the website
  4. Log in with your username and password or create an Absher account if you have one. You will also need to activate your Absher account.
  5. Now enter the “identity number” which means your iqama number
  6. Enter image code in the second box
  7. Finally step, click the “View” button
  8. Now you should see the deposited funds online under the personal information section.
  9. You can print it by clicking on the “Print Preview button”.

Public query available fund check iqama fund online

Available funds online under your iqama

Alternative Procedure to Check Available Fund in Iqama

To quickly check the deposited amount on MOI Jawazat Absher online. Just follow the below steps.

  1. Please follow the above step 1 to 4 then
  2. Enter your Iqama ID number in the first box next to “Identity number”
  3. Enter the image code in the second box below the image
  4. Finally, click the “View” button and wait for the page to reload
  5. Once the page reloads you will see your available deposited amount
  6. The print it, just click on the “Print Preview” button right to the “Search Again” button.

Iqama fund check

So now that you know about the deposited amount on MOI Jawazat. Do you know that you can actually refund the amount from MOI if you want? To do so, follow the procedure.

How to Refund Iqama Funds from MOI

In order to refund the deposited amount from MOI, there should be available fund in iqama on Absher MOI. If not then It is impossible to refund such amount. Moreover, you will need the same bank account you have used for the deposit. However, you can easily withdraw the funds from Absher MOI following the below simple procedure.

  1. Open your bank account online through their internet banking
  2. Log in to your bank account for internet banking
  3. Find the Government payments somewhere in your account
  4. Click Alien Control from services
  5. Select the transaction type as “Refund”
  6. You will be asked to provide your ID and Iqama number, just enter them follow on-screen instructions
  7. Click on Submit option

And that is it, now you will get a confirmation SMS shortly with transaction Id. You can save it on your phone or somewhere else for future use. Note that, the refund may take 3 to 7 working days.

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