Check Iqama Profession Mehna Online

You can check your current iqama profession/Mehna or changed profession status online on new As we all know that the MOI is now officially The web portal is changed and lots expatriates are having difficulties while checking their changed or current iqama Mehna/profession online.

Don’t worry I am going to show you the step by step procedure about today topic. Then it will be easy for your checking the current iqama status of your profession online on new Absher.

How to Check Iqama Profession Mehna Online

In order to find out your current status or changed the status of your designation. You will need to create a new Asbhser account and activate it. Then follow these steps.

  1. Login to you Account by entering your username, password and image code and click on the login button.
  2. Now click your profile icon you Absher dashboard.Click on Profile Picture to check iqama Mehna Profession
  3. Here you can see (see the below reference image) your current or changed status of iqama profession/Mehna.Result of your iqama profession or Mehna check online

It happens in Saudi Arabia, that the company may provide you a different position which is not as per your profession on Iqama. In that case, a lot of people are troubles. However, it is totally illegal to work on different profession instead of yours on Iqama or muqeem card. You may or may not get jailed if the Maktab-e-Amal people visit your company checks your iqama and current work Mehna, it is your luck.

Moreover, their fines and penalties you or your company will pay when the Maktab-e-Amal people working in a different position. You will need to request your HR office to change your iqama Mehna to avoid any penalties or fines or getting jailed. For your information, it is your company responsible for this so you don’t need to worry about anything in this regards. Ask your question if any.

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