Check Iqama Expiration Date Online on New Absher

Here, learn how to query iqama expiry and check iqama expiration date online. I will show you the complete procedure for the iqama expiry check online Saudi Arabia via MOI. Keeping your muqeem card safe from expiration is very important for expatriates. Because if your muqeem card also known as iqama id is expired, it will be hard for you to live in KSA. Some expats also query as chat iqama.

All expatriates are allowed to check their iqama expire/expiration status online on MOI with ease. Thanks to the government of Saudi Arabia for providing such a great and easy to use service for expats.

Moreover, new people who recently visit KSA, either for working purpose or visiting. They may not know how to check when their muqeem card is going to expire. In such a situation, you are here at the right place to know about the procedure.

Check Iqama Expiration Date Online

MOI Absher online e-services, it is the most common and easiest way to check iqama expiry or validity/expiration online. In order to to do so, please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit  (link)
  2. Now click on “Integrated e-services”
  3. Login to your account, create if you don’t have an account on the new Absher website. Also, don’t forget to activate your new Absher account.
  4. In your dashboard or click on my e-services.
  5. Click on “Query Iqama Expiry service”
  6. Now enter the “image code” (the reference screenshot below)
  7. Finally, click the “View” button

Check Iqama Expiry Online

Now you must wait until the MOI Absher e-services page reloads. Don’t worry it will take less than 2 seconds (depends on your internet connection). Then you will see a message on the top of the MOI page that your iqama id date is valid or not. So, that is how easy it is.

What to do if your Iqama is expired

I am gonna show the procedure for what to do if the iqama you are holding is expired. But there are a few things you may need to know. This is must the top priority work to renew your iqama id as soon as possible. Because there are penalties which you should keep in mind. There are heavy fines against expired id cards in Saudi Arabia. You might also get jailed if the caught you with expired muqeem card.

Now let’s get to the point if you are working in a company. The company will take care of the “iqama” renewal. However, if you are working with kafeel/sponsor, you must inform him/her that your id is expired or gonna expire soon and you please renew it. I found this topic very helpful about the renewal fee is you are curious to know about. Here is to know the full details of Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

I will suggest you take care of a few things until your Iqama is renewed. And they are:

  • Do not visit here and there in Saudi Arabia, the police can catch you and you may get jailed.
  • Please be informed that you can not leave the Kingdom.
  • You can not open even a bank account.
  • Must take a paper (iqama renewal under process proof)from the HR department or your kafeel. Because whenever Jawazat asks for some verification, you should have it and how it to them so that they will show you some mercy.

How long does it take to renew Iqama

The process totally depends, if your company add funds on MOI for your iqama renewal. Then it may take 7 up to 30 days. The more early they add the funds, the more quickly you can get a fresh iqama id card. Moreover, this is to keep in mind that, it also depends on how much quantity of iqamas is pending for renewal with jawazat.


So, above is a complete and easy procedure to check iqama expiry date online on MOI. I also explained what to do when your muqeem card is expired and how long does it take to renew iqamas. Above I explained that what thing you need to take care of while having an expired ID card. However, if there is still something missing, you can better ask below. Let me know in the comment section below that your iqama is valid or not.

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