How to Activate an Absher MOI Account – 2019

After completing the MOI Absher registration process successfully. You will now need to activate your Absher account for accessing the full online e-Services. There are 3 different methods for activating your MOI account. The first method is ATM machines, visiting the nearest Jawazat office, and internet banking.

I will show each and every method and lead you through the account activation process. However, no matter which method is easy for you, but keep your Iqama ID and mobile number active. Now let get started.

Absher Account Activation Through KIOSK Machines

The kiosk is self-service kind of ATM machine available in Big shopping malls, hospitals, and city public areas. You will need to visit the nearest Kiosk machine and follow the below steps.

  1. Once you reach the self-service Kiosk machine
  2. Provid your iqama number
  3. Put your left finger on the fingerprint scanner
  4. You will get a confirmation text message code on your mobile
  5. Enter the code to activate your account, and you are done.

Activate Absher MOI Account Through Jawazat

If you don’t under and internet banking and don’t use Kiosk machines in KSA. This is the best method and straight forward method you. All you need is to visit the nearest JAwazat office.

Don’t forget to take the print out with you you taken while completing the registration process or you will need to tell them that you are the same (with this kind of information) person and want to activate your account.

The front desk person will then send you the passport authority office in same the JAwazat office. And he will help you activate your account.

Activate MOI Absher Account Through Internet Banking

There is an alternative online method, but you should have access to online internet banking from your desired bank. Such as NCB, Al-Rajhi, Al-Jazira, National Bank, Riyadh Bank and much more.

  1. Go to your desired bank internet banking website
  2. Login as usual
  3. Go to other services (for you it might be different, ask your bank in that case)
  4. Select Absher activation
  5. Confirm everything and you will get an SMS confirmation shortly from your bank

It could happen that might face some difficulties, consider call your banking for providing help in that situation.

Benefits of Having and Activate MOI Absher Account:

There are lots of benefits when you successully register and activate your MOI account. Some of them are:

  • You can easily get a visa for you and your family members.
  • Visa renewal for family and dependents
  • Make and renewal of Iqama
  • Checking Hajj and Uram eligibility
  • Check and pay traffic violation fees
  • Driving license renewal and change of sponsorship
  • Checking your Kafeel name and full details and much more.

I have explained everything related to the Absher MOI registration and activation process. If you still have a query in the above. let me know in the comment below.

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