DU eSIM | Convert, Activation and Charges

Du gives you eSIM to forget about carrying out SIM cards and inserting them into the smartphone. You can easily buy one from a store near you and activate it within a few seconds. However, if you have a physical SIM card, you can convert it to an eSIM and activate it with 2 simple steps. Moreover, there are Du eSIM charges.

How to Convert your DU SIM to eSIM

You can easily convert or transfer your physical du sim card to an eSIM using the official DU application on your smartphone. Here are the easy steps to do so:

  1. Open the DU app and log in to your account.
  2. Go to Menu > Manage your SIM > Pick the SIM card you want to convert.
  3. Tap Convert to eSIM, and verify the Request using UAE PASS.
  4. Once done, the eSIM will be activated shortly.

How to Activate DU eSIM

If you have an eSIM from DU and want to activate it, you can do so easily on your iPhone or Android device. Here are the easy steps:

Go to your iPhone settings. Tap Cellular from the settings. Under the Cellular Plans, tap Set Up eSIM. Tap the Scan QR code option, and scan the code to set up your esim.

On Android devices, go to Settings, tap Connections, Sim card Manager, and tap the Add eSIM option. Scan the QR code and Set it up.

DU eSIM Charges (UAE)

Prepaid Plan AED 55 + 5% VAT (per SIM upon activation)
Postpaid Plan AED 125 + 5% VAT (per SIM upon activation)
Corporate Plans AED 55 + 5% VAT (per SIM upon activation)
Convert From physical SIM to eSIM AED 20 + 5% VAT (per SIM upon change)
Transfer eSIM from phone to phone AED 20 + 5% VAT (per SIM upon change)
Apple Watch eSIM (1 number with Multi-SIM) AED 25 + 5% VAT (monthly charges)


If you need further information and any further help. You can comment below or get instant help from DU’s official customer care.

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