How to Transfer Balance from Redbull to Redbull

Redbull in Saudi Arabia has plenty of services to offer. Their prices are cheap and give feature-rich packages with lots of possibilities. Whenever you or your friends need a balance in emergency cases, Redbull is there to help. Their balance transfer feature lets you share your mobile balance with another Redbull number. I am going to show you the easy USSD code to do so. So, let’s get started…

Using the code for sharing balance is an easy and time-saving method. However, you can also install and register on the Redbull app for balance sharing.

Redbull to Redbull Balance Transfer

Even if you use the code or the official Redbull, a fee of 0.50 SAR will be charged upon each transaction. Here is the Redbull Haweli Service for balance transfer:

Open the dial pad and dial this code *585*123123*amount*recepient number# and tap the call button. Once the transaction is successful, you and the recipient will get a confirmation SMS from Redbull with the balance details.

For your Information: The *585* is the code, 123123 is the default PIN code for sending balance, after that the amount, and lastly the receiver’s Red Bull mobile number. Here is an example *585*PIN*transfer amount*575236285#.

If the transaction fails, make sure to have enough mobile balance including the transaction fee which is SAR 0.50. If not and you have the actual amount of the transfer only, the transfer will get failed.

There is no limit on the transactions per day. Though the balance sharing feature is only available for RedBull to RedBull numbers only.

you can not send the balance from Redbull to Zain, STC, Mobily, Salam, Virgin Mobile, and Friendi networks in the Kingdom. We hope to see improvements in the future.

Can I transfer Internet data on RedBull?

Moreover, internet data transfer services are not yet available, I will update this article when we get updates on it. Lots of users have asked for the feature, we hope to see the feature in the next coming months.

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