How to Recharge Salam Mobile with Code / App

Salam Mobile in the Kingdom lets you top up your mobile credit using various methods. There are two different methods to do so. You can use the recharge code or their official application to load a balance of your choice. I am going to show you both these methods. So, let’s get started…

Good news for iPhone users. If you are using an iPhone, simply add your card to the Wallet app, open the Salam Mobile application, tap the recharge button > Credit Card > select Apple Pay to quickly top up a credit of your choice. Android users, please follow any of the below methods.

How to Recharge Salam Mobile

As I have mentioned before, there are 2 methods to load your card. But if you have a Salam Mobile Scratch Card and Salam Mobile app installed, then open the app and tap the Recharge button, select Voucher, enter the voucher number, that is it. To do the same with a recharge code, here is how to top up your scratch card:

Salam Mobile Recharge Code

This is one of the easiest methods to recharge Salam Mobile balance. Get a prepaid recharge card of SAR 20, 30, 50, etc, and follow these steps:

Dial *101#, and tap the call button. Enter the 14-digit recharge card number. Tap Send. Your balance will be immediately updated, and you will get a confirmation SMS from Salam Mobile. However, you can check your credit after that.

Salam Mobile Recharge Code
Salam Mobile Recharge Code

Alternative Method:

Dial *101# and tap call. Type 1 for Recharge and tap Send. Enter the 14-digit card number and tap Send. In the next 2 seconds, You will get a confirmation SMS.

Use Salam Mobile App for Recharge

Everyone has the Salam Mobile app installed, if you don’t have it, get it from Play Store or App Store. Log in or sign up with your mobile number and follow these steps to load a balance:

Open the Salam App, and tap the Recharge button. Select Credit Card, then a recharge amount of SAR 20, 30, 50, 100 up to 300. Tap Pay Now. Select a Payment method Apple Pay, Mada Pay, or Credit Card. Enter the Payment details to complete the payment. Once done, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your Salam number.

Use Salam Mobile App for Recharge
Use Salam Mobile App for Recharge

Also, you will see a successful top-up message on the app. Moreover, you can then go back to the Home page and check your balance, you will see the updated balance, if not immediately contact Salam Customer Care by dialing 1101.

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