How to Check Salam Balance & Internet Data

Salam Mobile in the Kingdom provides plenty of services (packages) including useful USSD codes. So that you can use them to check your remaining mobile balance or internet data (MBs) on the go. However, there are other methods to do the same.

You can do it using the official MySalam App which is available for Android, iOS, and Huawei devices, or by calling their helpline number. The choice is yours but I am going to show you all these 3 methods to do so. So, let’s get started…

Check Salam Balance and Remaining Data

As there are 3 methods to check your remaining Salam balance and internet data. However, the recommended method is to use the USSD code. The choice is yours, let me explain all these 3 methods:

Salam Balance Check Code

Open the dial pad on your phone and dial this code *103#, tap the call button. You will see a pop on your screen showing your balance and remaining internet data with expiry date information.

Salam Balance and Data Check Code

Once you are done, tap the cancel button or press 1 to check other available unlimited data bundles. For your information, there are no charges for doing so. You can check your remaining resources anytime you want.

Using MySalam App

The mySalam app is a more convenient way to check your remaining resources. You can simply install the mySalam app on your Android or iPhone device. Then register with your Salam Mobile number. Loing to the app and you will your remaining internet data and mobile balance in the Dashboard. Moreover, the MySalam app also lets share mobile credit and has cool features too.

Use mySalam App to Check Balance and Data

Call Salam Helpline

This method is time-consuming and we don’t recommend it. However, you can dial the official Salam Helpline number which is 1101 to know your mobile balance and remaining data.

Call Salam Helpline to Check Balance

The automatic system will respond and tell you all the details in a few seconds. However, if you are in an area where the network signals are poor. You won’t be able to make the call.

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