UAE: Check How Many Sims On My Emirates ID

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an amazing and beautiful place in the world. There are two major telecom services providers in the UEA, Etisalat, and DU. They provide plenty of better and affordable data, SMS, calls, and roaming plans for prepaid and postpaid users.

However, if you worry that someone might be using a sim card from these providers registered with your Emirates ID. Then you are here at the right place. In short, you are very lucky that you are here. because I am going to show you the easy-to-use method and code to find how many sim cards are on your ID. So, let’s get started…

How to Check How Many Sim on My ID in UAE

As I mentioned earlier, there are two major telecom service providers in the United Arabia Emirates. They give you tons of great services. However, you are here to find the method that lets you find how many sim cards are registered on your Emirates ID. You can do it on Etisalat and DU both networks in the UAE. So, let’s get started with Etisalat first…

On Etisalat

Even there are hundreds of useful services Etisalat provides for prepaid and postpaid users. But they lack one thing, there is no method to check the number of sim cards registered on your Emirates ID. There is no code to do it. Alternatively, there is only one way, and that is to call (00 971 800 2300)their customer care support online chat, just let tell them your Emirate ID via live or helpline number and request the representative to let you the numbers registered with Emirates ID.

On Du network in UAE

Similarly, there is no code or any method to find how many sim cards are registered on your ID. The only method is to call (00 971 4 390 5555) the DU helpline or customer care support. Once you are connected with one of their representatives, humbly request them to let you know the numbers of sim cards on your Emirates ID. They will ask for your Emirates ID, simply provide them, and then all you need is to wait for the person to let you know the details.

Moreover, you can check your DU number details via this guide. Let me know if you have questions in mind via our comment section below.

  1. Tanveerahmad says

    I want to know how many sim on my name

    1. Admin says

      Please the procedure mentioned in the article. Then you will be able to know how many sim cards are registered under your name.

      1. imran haider says

        how many sims under my emirates id ?

    2. Muhammed shareef says

      How many SIM cards in my emirates id how do check

    3. Tariq says

      How to sim card my Emirates id

  2. Abdulsamad says

    My id car how to sim card check

  3. Dan bahadur tamang says

    In my id how many sim card register on mobile

  4. Kismat says

    My id how many sim card have ?

  5. Niran chapagai says

    How many sim crad active in my id

  6. Sandeep singh says

    How many sim card active my emirates id

  7. Zainullah says

    How many SIM card and my UAE I’d card. And show me all Nambers

  8. Razif khan says

    Dear sir How many SIM my name plz tell me

  9. Bishnu pariyar says

    Please let me know how many account in my Emirates id

    1. Admin says

      You can do so by the steps mentioned above in the article.

  10. Muhammad Saeed says

    How many sim card my I’d

  11. Subodh Thakur says

    How many on sim card My ID

  12. Subodh Thakur says

    How many du Sim card on my emerates ID

  13. Guddu thakur says

    Plz help me to find out how many sim card in my id

  14. Gurditt singh says

    How many sim active in my name du or Etisalat both

  15. Adeel. Bhatti says

    Plz check how many sim active on my id plzzz reply

  16. Mohomed hadil says

    I need to check how many sim have

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