How to Check Etisalat Number & Owner Details UAE

Etisalat gives you tons of useful service codes, just to know things on the go. There is a simple code available to find or know your mobile number. Moreover, there are many ways to do it and all the methods won’t cost you a single dirham. The only thing you need is that easy code. I am going to show you the step-by-step easy way to find your Etisalat number and owner details. Well, let’s get to these methods…

How to Know Etisalat Number

It’s pretty easy to check your Etisalat number with a simple code. All you need is to dial *101# and press the call button. Press 1 for English and tap SEND. Again Press 1 and tap SEND,  Now press 3 for Account Information. In the last step, press 3 to Know your number. In the next display message, you will see the Etisalat number, done.

Alternatively, dial *248# or you can also dial 101 which is the toll-free number, and talk to a customer care representative. Humbly ask the person to tell you or send you the number details via SMS. Both these methods are free of cost. In short, you don’t need to have a minimum balance to check your number on the Etisalat network in UAE.

How to Check Etisalat Owner Details

If you are curious to know the owner’s details, including his name and mobile number. You can do so by dialing 100 and tap the call button. On the next screen, you will see the owner’s information e.g his name, etc.

Etisalat won’t allow checking someone else sim owner’s name, it’s just for your sim card. In short, you can find the owner information for the sim card you own. To be honest, there is no way to find someone else sim card number owner information on the Etisalat network in UAE.

Alternative Method to Know Etisalat Owner Name

Here is an alternative method: Install the My Etisalat app, then sign up with a number you have. You will have a confirmation code to enter. Enter the code during the signup process. Once, the signup is completed, you can go to the Dashboard and check the owner’s name at the top.

Please keep this quick disclaimer in mind. Etisalat may stop this service or change the code anytime. So, you will need to call their customer care support and request to tell you the owner’s name for a number. Need more information, comment below, or contact their support.

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