Etisalat eLife 299, 399, 599 & 749 Package [2024]

Previously we have covered all the Etisalat eLife packages. However, there are a few remaining eLife Lite Plans as well. Today, I will show the complete details for all their Lite plans. So that you can choose the desired eLife package which is affordable for you. I will also give you some tips before you can purchase any of their Life plans. So without further talking, let’s explore these eLife bundles from Etisalat in UAE.

eLife Lite 12 Unlimited data 12Mbps AED 299.00 1 Month
eLife Lite 25 Unlimited data 25Mbps AED 399.00 1 Month
eLife Lite 50 Unlimited data 50Mbps AED 599.00 1 Month
eLife Lite 100 Unlimited data 100Mbps AED 749.00 1 Month

Etisalat eLife 299 Package

eLife Lite 12 Package: You can enjoy watching your favorite entertainment program on Etisalat Premium TV packages at an affordable price. Etisalat 299 eLife Lite plan gives you unlimited data with premium TV, free installation, and free calls all over the UAE. However, the internet speed is limited to up to 12MBps. The price is AED 299.00 (VAT Excluded).

399 eLife Etisalat Package

eLife Lite 25 Package: If you need more internet speed then you should get the eLife 399 package on the Etisalat network in UAE. The price is AED 399.00 (VAT Excluded) monthly. However, you will get free installation, free calls in UAE to a landline number, and up to 25MBps with unlimited data usage. So you can start watching anything on their premium TV with better speed and affordable price.

ELife Etisalat 599 Package

eLife Lite 50 Package: The price of the Etisalat eLife “50” package is AED 599.00 “VAT Excluded”. However, you will have an amazing data speed of up to 50MBps with free installation, free calls to any landline number, and a free Premium TV is also included. You can order the package from the Etisalat official web portal.

Etisalat 749 eLife Package

eLife Lite 100 Package: Need an optimal internet data speed of up to 100MBps? Get the eLife Lite 100 package with 100MBps speed, and all other features mentioned in the above package. For example, free Premium TV, installation, and calls to landline phone numbers. You can order the eLife 100 for AED 749 per month and enjoy watching your TV channel on the Etisalat network in the UAE.

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