How to Check & Pay Etisalat Bill Online [eLife, Postpaid]

There are several methods you can follow to pay your Etisalat postpaid or eLife bill online. You can easily check the du amount and pay it on the spot or later if you want. However, I will show you the procedure to check and then how you can pay your Etisalat bill online in the UAE.

You can also request to get your Etisalat bill in your Email inbox on the 1st of the month. Because Etisalat in UAE issues all the postpaid and eLife bills on the 1st date of the month. Thus, you will get the invoice for the bill on the 7th date of the month. However, a user must pay the bill before the 15th date of the month. For your information, you also check your postpaid balance. So, this is some general information you wanted to keep in mind.

Check Etisalat Bill Online

If you are a postpaid Etisalat customer or using their eLife service. You can check your bill online or request a copy of your bill directly to your email address. So then you don’t need to check each bill manually. You will have a copy of your Etisalat bill and may wanna pay it whenever you want from anywhere in the world. Anyway, there are different methods to check your postpaid or eLife bill online in UAE for Etisalat. Let’s get started with the 1st method below…

Method #1: Get Etisalat Bills via Email

This is the most convenient way of getting your bills on time directly into your email address. However, the first you wanna do is to subscribe to the bill by sending an SMS “” to 1997. Make sure to send this message from a registered Etisalat number for your postpaid or the eLife line. You will shortly get a success message from Etisalat.

However, from now you will start getting your postpaid or eLife bill directly into your email account. The bill will contain your current, data, calls, SMS, minutes, and all the services you have used with price and all the necessary information you require to know. To pay the bill visit the Etisalat Quick Pay portal or the nearest store. So don’t worry about it.

Get Etisalat Bills via Emails
Get Etisalat Bills via Emails

You can then pay it online before the 15th of the month. Moreover, this is my favorite method, this way you can keep a record of your postpaid or any Etisalat bill in your email. Thus, later on, you can save it on your computer, or mobile or send it via email or just keep it as it is your email account.

Method #2: Check Etisalat Bills Online

The second and easy method is to check your Etisalat postpaid or eLife bills online on the official Etisalat Quick Pay Portal. You can also recharge your prepaid line there but you can check and pay postpaid bills too.

Here is how to check your postpaid bill du amount online: Visit the official Etisalat Quick Pay portal. Then enter your postpaid number or eLife account number. Click Next. You will see the due amount in AED on your screen. That is it, this is how you can easily check your postpaid or eLife bills online. You can also proceed to pay it by clicking on the Pay button under the amount and following the instructions on your screen.

Check Etisalat Bills Online using Quick Pay
Check Etisalat Bills Online using Quick Pay

Method #3: Check Etisalat Bills on Mobile

You can simply install the official My Etisalat UAE application available for Android and iOS devices to check and pay postpaid bills directly from the app. Install the app, log in, or sign up with your Etisalat mobile number. Then you will see your Bill with the due amount under your name. You can then tap the View Bill option to check it. Moreover, the app allows you to pay the bills too. You can simply proceed to pay it within the My Etisalat UAE app. However, you will need a valid credit or debit card to do it.

Check Etisalat Bills on My Etisalat UAE Mobile App
Check Etisalat Bills on My Etisalat UAE Mobile App

That is it, this is exactly how you can easily check or know your Etisalat postpaid online. You can follow any of the above methods that you think are easy for you. However, all the methods I have mentioned are perfectly working. For more information visit the official Etisalat store or comment below.

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