Transfer Du Balance to India, Pakistan, & Bangladesh

Du in the UAE gives a lot of services in terms of balance sharing. You can easily share your balance locally and internationally. The best thing is, there is no fee for doing so. Thus you can enjoy sharing credit with your Du prepaid or postpaid line anytime you want. Moreover, you send your balance to any number in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Here I am going to explain sending credit from Du internationally step by step. So, next time, you will be able to do it on your own. Anyways let’s get to the steps…

Du International Balance Transfer

Now sharing credit is easier than you think on the DU network. Also, let me tell you that you can get a loan balance on the DU Network and send it to your friends or family members in emergency cases. However, I am gonna tell you the step-by-step procedure to share your balance from DU internationally.

Moreover, you can transfer this balance to any country just by changing the country code and you are good to go. Before proceeding, ensure to have enough credit. Here is the way to check all the countries you can transfer the Du credit to. Just send “LIST” to 1700. For your information, there is no USSD code to do so. However, the procedure is easy to follow now all you need is:

DU balance transfer to Pakistan

To send mobile credit to Pakistan, Compose a new text message and type “SEND” and send it to 1700. You will get a reply from Du, enter the recipient number with the country code e.g +92314XXXXXXX, and send it. In the next reply enter the amount e.g AED 1, 2, or 3, and send the message. Now you will get the transaction confirmation from DU, and the recipient will also the credit amount message with success details.

DU balance transfer to India

To share your Du mobile credit with any number in India. Follow these steps: Open the Message app, compose a new message and type “SEND” and send it to 1700. Then you will receive a reply from Du to enter the recipient number with country code e.g +91 XXXXXXXXXX. Now in the next reply enter the amount you want to transfer e.g AED 5 or 10 and send it. The recipient will get the balance immediately and both of you will also get the confirmation SMS.

Transfer DU balance to Bangladesh

It’s easy to share or send the Du balance to Bangladesh. Here is the procedure: Compose a new message and type “SEND” and send it to 1700, in the next reply from Du, enter the receiver number with country e.g +880 XXXXXXX. You will get another message to reply with the amount you wanna transfer e.g AED 1, 5, 10. That is it, once everything is fine, the recipient and you get the success message.

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