How to Transfer Balance from Du to Du 2024

Previously I have told you how to send the balance from your Du sim card to Etisalat. Today, In this article, I will show you the easy procedure for du to du balance transfer. There are actually two methods to do so. However, I am going to show you both and you can choose the one easy for you to follow. Method one is to transfer credit using the code,  while method two is to share mobile balance using the Du official app. So, without further explanation, let’s get to the procedure:

Du to Du Balance Transfer

You can send or share your mobile credit balance to another Du number in the UAE. However, the minimum amount you can transfer is AED 2 while the maximum is AED 200 only per transaction. Please follow this method for Du to Du credit transfer:

Open the dial pad and dial code *121*recipient du number*amount# and press the call button. For example *121*055XXXXXX5*10# and tap the call button. Once the transaction is successful both the sender and the recipient will get a confirmation SMS. The recipient will get the balance instantly and he can check his balance using this method.

Du to Du Balance Transfer
Du to Du Balance Transfer

Alternatively, you can dial *121#, enter the recipient DU number then the amount, and both of you will get a confirmation SMS on a successful transaction.

Balance transfer with DU One2One

Du introduced the One2One service for balance transfer. Dial *135#, choose 2 for One2One transfer, enter the recipient number, then the amount. Once done, you will a confirmation SMS upon successful transaction.

For your information, all du users are eligible to receive the balance even while roaming. However, the transaction is a fee of 15%. Moreover, there are no charges for sharing your balance with another DU number within the UAE.

Method #3: Use the Du official app

You can also install the official Du application available for Android and iOS users. Then use the pay for friends and family option to share your mobile credit with your loved ones. Install the Du app and log in to your account. Then go menu and select the pay for friends option. Enter the receiver number and then the amount in AED. Now tap the Pay button. Once the transaction is completed successfully. Both of you will get a confirmation message from Du.

Use Du app to share balance
Use Du app to share balance

So, these are the only two methods available at the moment for sharing your balance with another Du number. For more information you a visit du official web portal. If you have any queries then let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Abrar Malik says

    I can’t transfer my balance to another du number when I start to transfer balance message appears
    Sorry you are not eligible for this why this message appears and how to eligible for this balance transfer

    1. Admin says

      You may have not used enough credit on your number. However, you can call the DU helpline number to get more information.

  2. Neil zurita says

    Totally its not working this *121*

    1. Admin says

      Use the Du One2One service for balance transfer

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