Deactivate Etisalat Services to Stop Balance Deduction

There are hundreds of useful data packages, call plans, and SMS packs on the Etisalat network. However, sometimes you may forget to deactivate a service or package. Thus Etisalat will keep cutting your mobile balance. You might wonder why they are deducting my balance, while I don’t use any package. Well, you are wrong at this point. Because, whenever you get a new Etisalat sim card or left some packages behind without deactivating them. Then there are extra charges you will need to pay. This is the only reason Etisalat will cut your balance.

This article will show you the easy method to check all your active services on the Etisalat network in UAE. Then I will show you to deactivate them and stop Etisalat from cutting your balance. So, without further explanations, let get started…

Deactivate Extra Services to Stop Balance Deductions

Etisalat will auto cut your balance if you have any active services. There are different methods you can follow to check and deactivate Etisaalt active extra services. You can use the official My Etisalat UAE app to resolve the balance deduction problem. Because the app lets you check all your subscription/active packages and services. Once you find such services, deactivating them is easy then. This way you will stop Etisalat deducting your balance. Please follow this procedure to do so:

Cancel Etisalat Extra Services Stop Balance Cutting
Cancel Etisalat Extra Services Stop Balance Cutting

First, install the official My Etisalat UAE app on your device. Then login into the app (if you don’t have an account then signup). Tap your Name with the phone number under the Accounts. Then go to the Manage section. You will see the list of all active services or packs there. Simply select packs one by one to deactivate them. This way you will stop auto-balance deduction on the Etisalat network in UAE. If you have a problem with login or signup, contact Etisalat to fix your desire problem.

Unsub Etisalat services stop balance deducting
Unsub Etisalat services stop balance deducting

If you have any issues while using the “My Etisalat UAE” app. Then you can dial the official Etisalat customer care number 800 101 or 101. Talk the customer care representative and tell to deactivate all your active service, so that you can save your balance and stop them deducting your credit. Was this helpful, let us know in the ExpatSA comment section below.

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