Du Social Data Packs with Activation, Deactivation Code

Du now lets you use your favorite social media apps daily, weekly, and monthly with unlimited usage. You can enjoy Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn all day for AED 2.5 only. However, I will also you the full details with the activation code, deactivation method, and related information about all these Du social data plans. So, let without further talking, let’s get started…

Du Social Data Package

As of now, there are only two social packages on the Du network in UAE. This means you can only use social media apps like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp for 1 or 30 days. Remember TikTok, Likee, and other apps are not included in the pack.

Daily Du Social Data Package

The price of the daily Du social data pack is only AED 2.5/day. However, to activate or subscribe you need to dial the activation code *135*55# and press the call button. Then type 1 to confirm daily social data package activation. Once your social plan is activated successfully, you will get an SMS from Du with details.

Du social data package with price and activation
Du social data package with price and activation

There is some good news for Blackberry smartphone users with Du sim cards. If you have a Blackberry device then you can get an unlimited social media package for 1 day. To activate the package on your Blackberry device, go to the SMS app, then compose a new message, type “bb” in the message and send it to 1355.

Before activating the package, make sure to have enough balance on your Du sim card. This means you must have AED 2.5 in your Du account to get the package. For your information, the old price of the social plan was only AED 2 per day. If you don’t then you may get errors while getting the social data plan.

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Moreover, if you don’t wanna continue using the daily social plan. Then you can easily deactivate or unsubscribe from the daily social data pack. To deactivate the pack, go to your SMS app, compose a new text message, type “stop social” in the message, and send it to 1355. Once the package is unsubscribed, you will receive a confirmation SMS from the Du network. Note that there are no charges upon deactivating the pack.

Du Daily Saver Pack with Social Apps

This is an updated daily social data package with minutes and social app usage. You can use Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and all social media apps in this package. To activate the package dial this code *135*7# and press the call button. Upon successful activation, you will get 50MB of data for social apps, 5 national minutes, and 5 national SMS. This pack is valid for 24 hours. It will not renew automatically, so if you don’t wanna use it, simply don’t renew it.

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Monthly Du Social Data Package

The price of the monthly Du social data pack is AED 40 only. To activate the monthly social du data plan, go to your Message app then compose a new text message, type “social” and send it to 1355. Upon successful activation, you will get a reply from Du with confirmation details. In the monthly social pack, you can use apps like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. Other than these apps, Du will deduct your balance just like their Pay as You Go pack.

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For your information, du can change the prices for these social packages or completely eliminate the plans too. So if are unable to get a package, contact Du to get support. Possibly there might be new plans, you can ask the representative while talking to their customer care support.

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