Lebara KSA to Pakistan Call (Minutes) Packages

Lebara in Saudi Arabia offers cheap call bundles to Pakistan with extra free minutes. So, you can enjoy talking with your loved ones back in Pakistan with such packages. These packs are available for daily, weekly, and monthly usage. with international free minutes, you will also get some on-net local minutes too.

However, in this article, I will show you these bundle’s prices, activation codes, validity, how much international to PK and local you will receive upon activation, and much more. So let’s get started…

Daily 35 Minutes to Pakistan

You can enjoy 35 minutes to Pakistan for 1 day for only SAR 5 on the Lebara network KSA. Upon activation, you will also get 1000 free minutes for local usage. However, to activate the daily 35 minutes to PK, dial code *666*601#.

Weekly 200 Minutes to Pakistan

For 7 days a week, you can get 200 free minutes to Pakistan for SAR 25 only. Also, you will receive 1000 on-net local minutes too. To activate the weekly 200 minutes bundle for PK, dial this code *666*602#. The package is valid for prepaid Lebara users only.

Monthly 400 Minutes to Pakistan

Get 400 minutes for Pakistan for a whole month (30 days) for just SAR 50. Also 1000 free minutes for local calls. To activate the package 400 minutes monthly to Pakistan, dial *666*603# and press the call button. Make sure to have enough balance before activating the pack.

Monthly 500 Minutes to Pakistan

While living in KSA and talking too much to loved ones in Pakistan, this is the best package for you. You can get 500 minutes to Pakistan for SAR 75 per month only. Also 1000 minutes for local usage. To activate the 500 minutes package to Pakistan, dial *666*675# and press the call button. Ensure that to have enough balance before the package subscription. Moreover, the price is VAT inclusive.

PackagePriceMinutes to PakistanLocal MinutesValidityActivation code
Daily SAR 5 35 minutes 1000 1 Day *666*601#
Weekly SAR 25 200 minutes 1000 1 Week *666*602#
Monthly SAR 50 400 minutes 1000 1 Month *666*603#
Monthly SAR 75 500 minutes 1000 1 Month *666*675#
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