STC Call Divert, Forwarding Activation & Deactivation Codes

There are possibilities for a busy work schedule etc. Then you may think of not getting calls but getting notifications for them. While an STC customer or user in KSA, you can activate their call divert or forwarding service on the go via simple USSD codes.

STC lets its users use call forwarding and divert services. However, there are procedures for the activation and deactivation of the service. Moreover, there are charges too. To know each and every piece of information about STC call forwarding and divert service, keep on reading…

Activate STC Call Forwarding Code

You will never miss a single call notification during your absence or while call forwarding is enabled. It a great to keep up with your work and be informed who called during those busy or absent moments of yours. However, in the notification, you will see the full name, number, and time of the call.

To divert calls, dial *21*4000# #21# and press the call button. While to divert calls when busy then dial this code *67*4000# #67#. However, when not answered then dial *61*4000# #61#.

Once the service is activated, there are Monthly Subscription charges of SR 5.75/month only. Moreover, the price is price inclusive of 15% VAT. Right after activating the service, all the incoming calls on your number will divert or forward to the STC’s Mawjood service number “4000”. On each call, you will receive a message on your number.

Call Divert/ForwardingActivation codeCancellation code
Immediate call divert *21*4000# #21#
When busy *67*4000# #67#
When not answered *61*4000# #61#

Cancel STC Call Divert or Forwarding

You can always go ahead and deactivate or call the STC call divert, forwarding feature. All you have to do is to dial this simple code #21# to cancel call divert immediately, while when not answered then #61# and when to cancel call divert when busy then dial #67# and press the call button. There is no fee for deactivating the service.

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