Lebara Mobile KSA: List of All Services Codes

Lebara Mobile in KSA is the best and cheap telecom services provider. They provide dozens of useful services at a low cost, internet packages, etc. They have recently updated their data packages. However, today, I will show the list of all their useful USSD service codes. So, that you can quickly check your balance, internet data, transfer credit, recharge your line, and even their contact number code. So let’s get started…

List of All Lebara Mobile KSA USSD Codes

Lebara Mobile in KSA provides different methods to check your main account balance and internet data etc. However, they also provide USSD codes to check your active or other services quickly. Here is the list of all their services codes:

DetailsLebara Service Code
Check your balance code *110#
Recharge code *111*voucher card number*Iqama number#
Check internet data *164# or call 1755
Change language code 1755 and 0576001755 to call from another network
Voice mail activation code *222*41#
Voice mail deactivation code *222*40#
To access voice mail 1400
Transfer credit code *111*2*Other Lebara Number*Amount#
contact customer services 1755 and 0576001755 to call from another network

Recharge code: *111*voucher card number*Iqama number# and press the call button to load your balance.

Check balance: You can easily check your Lebara mobile main account balance via this code, dial *000#, *110#, or call 1755 then press 1 to check your mobile balance.

Internet data check: To check your internet data or balance on bundles dial this code *164# or call 1755 then press 1 for balance and or 0 to speak to a customer care person, and ask them to send your remaining data usage.

Transfer mobile credit: You can easily transfer your Lebara mobile credit balance with another Lebara number in KSA. To do so, dial *111*2*recipient Lebara’s mobile number*amount# and press the call button.

Voice mail services: However, you can for voicemail services these are the codes: To activate voice mail dial *222*41# and then press the call button. To access and check your voice mails dial 1400 and enter the default password which is 0000. You can then hear your voicemails. But if you want to deactivate the Lebara voice mail service then dial *222*40# and press the call button and follow the instructions.

Change Language: A user can easily change their language on the Lebara network. They can easily do it by dialing *000# and press 2, now press 1 to select a language, and press the call button to confirm the action.

Lebara customer care number: Moreover, you can easily contact Lebara mobile customer care support and speak to them by dialing this number 1755 and then press 0. If you don’t have enough balance then call another network using this number 0576001755.

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  1. Mohammad majhar ansari says

    My present no of lebera is (0578061942) in my number have 24.88 riyal balance.
    So I just want to convert my balance to mb. I can’t able to convert my balance to mb. Please reply as
    soon as possible.

    1. Admin says

      Hey, why don’t you buy a package with it?

    2. Mydeen says

      Just install my lebara ksa app from playstore and registered your lebara mobile number. After you know a answer your question.

  2. Abdur Razzak says

    My father is now at KSA, he use Lebara sim. Now he want to Shut down his sim. How can he do that? he called at the customer service and they talk in English thats why he cant understand! can you please tell me a way that how he can SHUT DOWN his sim PERMANENTLY?

  3. Ronald says

    how we can use the bunos balance?


    Sir I port my no in lebara but not working my no is 054****541pls check it


    My lebara number not working pls solve it

  6. Nakakawa immaculate says

    How can I stop data usage from main balance data

    1. Admin says

      If you don’t have an active data package and enabled data connection on your sim card, then your balance will be deducted as per PAYG. So, if you don’t have an active package then don’t turn on your data connection to stop the balance deduction from the account balance.

  7. Swafah lubega says

    How can i borrow a credit on lebara mobile

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