Lebara KSA Hawakom Packs with Data, Call, SMS & Social

Lebara in KSA has introduced new Hawakom packages for prepaid users. These plans include more than enough internet data, minutes, SMS, and social media apps allowance. However, you can choose the one that fulfills your daily usage. Today, I will show you the details with the activation code, price, and validity. Also how much data, social, SMS, and minutes you will get in each plan. So, let’s explore these new packages…

Hawakom 55

For a price of SAR 55 per month, you will get 500 minutes, 4GB of data, and 50 local SMS. Moreover, the price of SAR 55 is inclusive of VAT 15%. For your information, there is no social media apps allowance in the Hawakom 55 package by Lebara. You can visit the nearest Lebara office or visit their online portal to activate the package.

Hawakom 90

The price of the Hawakom 90 is SAR 90 only. It is valid for 1 month. There are 900 minutes, free 10GB internet data, 5GB social media allowance, and local SMS 90. To get the Hawakom 90 visit Lebara online portal or their nearest office.

Hawakom 130

Hawakom 130 is the best budget package. The price of the Hawakom 130 is SAR 130 only valid for 1 month. You will get 1300 free minutes, 15GB of internet data, 15GB of social data, and 130 local free SMS. Visit the nearest Lebara office the get the package.

Hawakom 170

The price of the Hawakom 170 package is SAR 170 only. Its is validity is only 1 month while you will get 1700 free national minutes. Also 30GB data, 30GB social data, and 170 free local SMS. For easy activation visit a Lebara office that is near you.

Hawakom 210

If you need more than enough data, minutes, SMS, and unlimited social then Hawakom 210 is the right package for you. The price is SAR 210, you will get 10,000 minutes, 100GB data plus unlimited social data, and 210 local SMS. To activate the package visit a Leabara office near you.

PackagesPriceValidityData and SocialMinutes and SMS
Hawakom 55 SAR 55 1 Month 4GB data only 500 minutes, 50 SMS
Hawakom 90 SAR 90 1 Month 10GB data + 5GB social 900 minutes, 90 SMS
Hawakom 130 SAR 130 1 Month 15GB data + 15GB social 1300 minutes, 130 SMS
Hawakom 170 SAR 170 1 Month 30GB data + 30GB social 1700 minutes, 170 SMS
Hawakom 210 SAR 210 1 Month 100GB + Unlimited social 10,000 minutes, 210 SMS

More you can check your free resource by visiting this page. If you need more plans with data then here you go. However, let me tell you upon activation you need to get a new sim card or change your current plan to Hawakom. Moreover, the package you activate will renew automatically. So to deactivate the package you need to call the Lebara helpline or use their official app.

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