Du Safe Internet Daily Activation & Deactivation Code

Du allows their prepaid to protect their mobile balance. The safe internet service lets you set a daily limit on data usage. If you have an active bundle or don’t, you can enjoy the service and they guarantee that you won’t spend more than AED 2 per day. This way, you will never worry about mobile credit on the Du network in UAE.

In this article, I will show you how to activate and deactivate the safe internet Du service via code. We will also show you some related helpful information for safe internet services. So please keep on reading…

Activate Du Safe Internet Daily

To activate the Du daily safe internet service dial code *135*11# and press the call button. Then type 1 to confirm the daily internet spend AED 2 per day limit. Once the service is activated successfully, you will receive a confirmation SMS. Thus you will have a total of 60 MB data with 24 hours validity to spend your data for just AED 2/day.

This way you can protect your mobile credit and data. for sure, you won’t speed more than AED 2/day. However, the service is only for prepaid Du users in UAE.

Deactivate Du Safe Internet Daily

You can easily deactivate the safe internet daily limit service by dialing the code *134*11# and tap the call button. Then you need to type 0 and tap Send button to confirm the action. Upon successful deactivation of the service, you will get a confirmation SMS. Update: Sometimes you will need to dial *135*11# then type 1 in the next menu to confirm deactivating the package.

Moreover, you can reactivate the service anytime you want. If you don’t have an activated internet du package, then our recommendation is not to deactivate the service. Because the safe internet service will save your mobile credit balance.

So, if you don’t have enough balance and want to get the loan on Du. Du prepaid users can easily get a loan balance and activate any of their packages including safe internet. Moreover, there are lots of packages for prepaid users with more internet data and validity.

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  1. Elijah Baah says

    *134*11# is not valid code to deactivate my save Internet plan,I try using*135*11# with the 0 option but I haven’t recieve any deactivation sms

    1. Admin says

      Well, in this case you need to call their helpline.

  2. Nasir ali says

    Deactivate safe intarnit 2 ade

  3. sonia says

    same here . they activated the daily safe internet plan on my number automatically then they start deducting AED 2 daily basis . I have deactivated the service now by dialing the code *135*11#

  4. ShahindaJ says

    Deactivate the safe internet daily package.
    I tried *135*11# instead and entered ‘0’. Hope it works, as I have not got any deactivation sms yet.

  5. faisal says

    what they are did ihave also same problem i didnt get any message

  6. Vicky says

    They are deducting, even we never open the mobile data… credit will finish without using ????

  7. abdur rahim says

    How to stop that service??

  8. Dipak says

    I have the same problem. I haven’t active in my number and for 2 days it is automatically deducted… what is the use of du sim in f this type of thing gonna happen?

    1. Admin says

      Use the Du app to deactivate all services, this stops Du from deducting your mobile balance.

  9. bijaya says

    please i want deactivated safe daily limit data on my number how can i get it?

  10. Shiji says

    Only one day I was used safe internet but daily they r deducting my balance how to deactivate this service

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