How to Use Etisalat Request for Credit Service in UAE

Etisalat in UAE offers now the Request for Credit service. So whenever you are low on credit, you can simply request any of your friends or family in the UAE to transfer you the credit of any amount. Moreover, keep in mind that only prepaid Etisalat users are eligible to use the Request Credit service.

However, the service is limited to 2 requests in 24 hours (1 day). This means you can only send this request twice a day or at any number you want. But you cannot exceed this limit. Alternatively, you can get a loan balance on Etisalat in UAE.

How to Use the Request for Credit Service

The procedure for requesting a credit balance on Etisalat is very easy. All you need is to dial *107*Etisalat number*amount#. Then press the call button. After that, the recipient will get your credit request SMS. Now the recipient needs to dial *100*your mobile number*amount# to send the desired amount you have requested. Once the credit amount transfer is successful, you will get an SMS confirmation.

An example of an SMS the recipient will get is: “Mobile Number 05xxxx22 is requesting you to send him or her AED XX. To transfer the amount just dial this command: *100*Phone Number of the balance receiver*amount# and press the send button”. Moreover, you can to your friend from someone else phone number and ask them to transfer you the credit this way.

So once the recipient agrees to send you the amount you have requested. Then he can proceed with the procedure he received in the SMS and send you the amount in a couple of minutes. In case of service, failure contact Etisalat and tell them the exact problem you have. They will try their best to fix your problem in seconds. Here is how you can contact Etisalat in UAE.

Moreover, you are only allowed to send this request to only two numbers a day. In short, you cannot exceed this limit. So carefully choose the recipient you think must transfer you the credit amount you will ask for. However, Etisalat users can share their balance internationally.

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