Lebara New Data Sim Packages Saudi Arabia 2024

Lebara in Saudi Arabia, Expatriates, and Saudi nationals don’t know much about this telecom company. But yet their services and offers are the best and most competitive. You can enjoy the best rates for using internet data in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the Lebara network. This is not an affiliate post, it is just for the readers with something they might interested in. So they provide better connection speeds of 4G and 5G and offer cheap data sim packages. Let’s explore their plans below…

1GB Data Sim Package

The price for a 1G data sim card is SAR 25 only. You will get a new sim card with 1000 MB of data and 30 days of validity. However, the price of SAR 25 is VAT inclusive. So, you don’t need to pay more to pay tax. This is the final price of the package and sim card. To get the sim card, you need to visit the nearest Lebara office.

3GB Data Sim Package

For a very low price of SAR 45 only. You can get 3GB of data and 45 days of validity time. The package will expire after 45 days. The price is VAT inclusive, the SAR 45 is the final price of the package. Moreover, you can visit the nearest Lebara office to get the 3GB data sim card for only SAR 45 only for 45 days.

2GB Data Sim Package

Get 2GB of internet data for SAR 40 per month. For 30 days and SAR 40 (VAT inclusive), you can enjoy 2000 MB of data.  Moreover, you can activate the package and get the sim card with 2GB data for SAR 40 only for 30 days by visiting the nearest Lebara office.

If you don’t know how to set up your Lebara data sim card, then here is the video guide for easy setup step by steps. For more information, you can visit their official website or comment below if you need any help.

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