How to Extend & Activate Expired STC Sim Card KSA

Anyone can get a new STC sim card in Saudi Arabia. However, there is a usage policy for using their line and services. The most important one is if you don’t use or recharge the STC sim card for more than 90 days. Then they will terminate all their services for your sim card number. However, there is a possibility to reactivate, extend, or activate an expired sim card by STC in KSA.

How to Activate Expired STC Sim Card

When you don’t recharge your STC line for more than 90 days, then your sim card is expired. Then the only way to renew it is to ask someone to send you some balance from another STC number. Or simply you can visit the nearest STC branch and request them to extend your sim validity. They will ask for a recharge amount, pay them, and this way your expired STC sim card will activate.

Moreover, you can give it a try by recharging online from the STC website, STC Gate, or voucher. You can also download and use the MySTC app and recharge your line to activate your expired STC sim card. Moreover, to recharge your line via a voucher then dial this code *155*hidden voucher code or number# and press the call button. If you have entered the current voucher number then you will load up in seconds.

How to Extend Expired STC Sim Card

An alternative way to recharge your STC prepaid line is to compose a new text message as *155*hidden voucher card number# and send it to 1500. In a short time, you will receive an SMS from STC with a successful balance top-up. If nothing works for extending the validity for activation of the expired STC sim card, then the only way to reactivate the sim is to visit the nearest STC branch.

Have you reactivated your expired STC sim card? How was your experience and which of the above methods works for you? Please let us know in the comment below to help other STC prepaid users.

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  1. Ralph says

    Hello Sir, my prepaid Sim card seams that it expired and I’m abroad !, How could I re-activate it asap.

    1. Admin says

      You need to mail the service operator first, then they’ll ask for information and once they know that it’s really you then they’ll fix everything for you.

  2. Golda Meir Mohammad Bruno says

    Hello my prepaid sim has expired…how could i re activate it asap..

    1. Admin says

      Yes, call the STC helpline or visit their nearest brack to reactivate your expired sim card.

    2. Stephy Mathew says

      I need to extend my disconnection date of stc sim

      1. Admin says

        Please call 900.

  3. Judith says

    My stc sim card is not working in my phone now when I have been using it for two months

    1. Admin says

      Do you have balance in it?

  4. Ashfaque Ahmad says

    I am outside Kingdom last 1.5 year when I come in Kingdom my stc no working
    So tell me what a process to activate I want same number because its also link with my absher bank and other
    Please help me

  5. Akmmohiuddin khan says

    Sir, i am in bangladesh 4 months, my sim card is blocked . i have more 2 months i want to reopen my number . then open with internation rooming .please help me .

  6. AJMAL VP says

    How can extend validity of STC sim card of Visit visa holders (SIM issued by passport)

  7. Yudhvir singh says

    Hi sir
    My stc sim card expired 6 month.. How can reactivate sim card pls help me sir

    1. Admin says

      The only thing you can do is to visit the STC branch with your valid Iqama ID card copy. They will activate your sim card for you.

  8. marvin says

    i tried all the options via messaging and still deactivated,were too far away from stc office.the reason how can i received if i dont have signal in it.

  9. Parvaiz says

    My stc sim block

  10. Sanjay says

    My stc sim block how can i want same number

  11. Amin ur Rahman says

    Hello sir my stc sim card is blocked. I am 1.5 year out side the kingdom. Come back new work Visa. I am won’t to open my old stc sim card.i have already. Can you help me. Thank you

  12. Amin ur Rahman says

    I am out of the kingdom 1.5 year please solution to open my old stc prepaid card sim. Thank you very much.

  13. Ferdinand ayes says

    Hi sir my stc simcard is terminated monthly i rechanrge my stc simcard bit still they terminated my simcard what should i do?

  14. Asit Roy says

    How to extend sim validity?

  15. Cms9865 says

    Hello sir I just want to ask… Can I reactivate my Sim even i am exit already in saudi arabia.. I want to use here in my country

    1. Admin says

      Yes, but for a few days or just months.

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