Du Business Plans with Data, Calls, and SMS

Du offers the best plans for a business within in UAE. There are actually 3 plans you can choose from, the pay as you go, control, and high circle packages. However, some of these are expensive while some are budget ones. Although, you will get enough calls, minutes, SMS, and internet data in each plan. Today, I will show you the details for all the Du business packages with price, activation, and related information. We will also suggest you have a look at the internet calling service by Du. Anyways, let’s explore these plans…

Du Business Control Plans

The business control plan by Du is their best budget plan for small businesses in the UAE. However, here are the details:

  • Price: AED 60 + AED 40 Activation Fee.
  • National Minutes: 200.
  • National Data: 200MB.
  • Promotion data: 500MB.
  • Free Business Calling Circle Minutes 200.
  • No Contract agreement.

For AED 60 and one-time activation fee AED 40. You will get 200 national minutes, 500 MB internet, 200 business calling circle minutes and there is no contract you need to sign.

While with a similar package price you can get 50 national minutes, 500MB data, 200 minutes, and no contract in another plan. To Enquire or activate you will need to visit the nearest Du office or their website. You can also enjoy home packages with low prices on DU in UAE.

Du Business Circle Plans

The circle du business plans are expensive and for large companies. These plans are designed to take full control over your employee’s needs. However, there are three different packages to choose from. Here are the details:

Business Circle Plan 100

For AED 100 per month, and a one-time activation fee of AED 55, you will get the following resources:

  • 500 MB data.
  • 500 national minutes.
  • 100 national calling circle minutes.
  • 100 SMS.

Business Circle Plan 200

For AED 200 per month, and a one-time activation fee of AED 55, you will get the following resources:

  • 1.2 GB data.
  • 800 national minutes.
  • 200 national calling circle minutes.
  • 200 SMS.

Business Circle Plan 400

For the price of AED 400 per month, and a one-time activation fee of AED 55, you will receive the following resources:

  • 1.2 GB data.
  • 2250 national minutes.
  • 400 national calling circle minutes.
  • 400 SMS.

For your information, everyone on the Du network in UAE is eligible to get any of the above business plans. However, there is an activation fee for three lines of a company. Moreover, You can easily activate any plan by visiting the nearest Du office or their official web portal.

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