Zain MBB Postpaid Plans with Device and Data

Zain offer MBB plans with a device and unlimited internet data. This means you will need to sign a contract and pay some amount per month. It is like a contract, at the end of the contract, the device will be yours. But if you are really interested to get the device with a discount and zero percent interest then check Zain Taqseet Program. Anyways, to know the full details, please keep on reading…

Unlimited Data with Device Package

With Shabab package 299, get 150GB of internet data valid for one month. Unlimited social data for YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Jaco, and Snapchat. This means you will need to pay SAR 299 per month, for 12 months. Then for the 1st month, the iPad Air is yours and you receive unlimited internet data for just SAR 343.85 per month. The price is inclusive of VAT 15%. The contract terms are only 12 months.

Zain 75GB 95GB Data with Device Package

Before the package was valid, but lots of users are still asking, is there still the 199 package with a drive? Well, let me explain so that you can confirm what I am talking about.

For only SAR 199 or Shabab 199 postpaid package, you were able to get 75GB 95GB for the 1st month and a device iPad Air. Then 228.85 SAR per month with unlimited data at the end of the 12 months contract period. The device is yours.

Now the answer is No, this package has expired and there is no longer any device included in the plan. You can only activate and get a device with Shabab 299 and pay 343.85 SAR per month to get the device iPad Air etc.

Terms and Conditions

There are some terms and conditions you need to know. The above packages are valid only for new Zain customers. All customers will get unlimited data will be provided for the 1st 3 months, and after that normal 95GB data and 100 GB data per month in both the above plans. The commitment period is only 18 months and the validity is only 30 days.

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