Subscribe & Unsubscribe Etisalat Internet Calling Plan

What is Etisalat (ICP) Internet Calling Plan?

The Etisalat Internet Calling Plans are the best and cheaper. In the ICP all users with Prepaid, Postpaid, and ELife sim cards users to make unlimited free internet calls using one of their supported apps. These apps are in the Play Store and App Store for customers to download and make calls over the Internet. The supported apps are are follows:

  • Voico UAE
  • GoChat Messenger

These apps are totally free and you can activate or subscribe to any Etisalat ICP plans to enjoy unlimited free calls over the Internet. However, most of the users may not like the plans after using them. That is why they may wanna unsubscribe. Don’t worry I am going to show you the procedure to deactivate any of their internet calling plans below.

Subscribe to Etisalat Internet Calling Plan

All users on the Etisalat network can enjoy free internet calling on any plan. However, prepaid, postpaid, and Elife users can activate any ICP plan on the go. Here is how to activate the package. To activate the Internet Calling Plan via Mobile, SMS ICP to 1012. Moreover, for Elife users to activate the plan, SMS EICP to 1010.

Unsubscribe Etisalat Internet Calling Plan

All Etisalat users in UAE can cancel their plans, prepaid, Elife, and Postpaid too. All you need is to SMS CCP to 1012 from your line. Wait for some seconds and you will get an immediate response from Etisalat that you have successfully canceled their ICP package. Upon successful cancellation, the service will be terminated, and their no refund.

Moreover, you can download and use the official My Etisalat UAE application to do so. As I mentioned earlier all users on Etisalat are eligible to get the ICP package. This list included postpaid, prepaid, and Elife as well as consumer and Business users too. Moreover, if you want to, you can reactivate the pack anytime from your line.

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