How to Cancel Etisalat BOTIM Subscription [2024]

Etisalat in UAE gives the full freedom to use internet calling without any limitations. The fact is you will need to subscribe to an internet calling plan the download one of these apps for internet calling. However, if you don’t use these apps BOTIM, Voice, HiU Messenger UAE, and C’Me. Then there are charges as normal data usage on the network. These apps for internet calling are available in The Play Store and App Store on iOS devices. So there is nothing you need to worry about.

However, there are only two plans for calling over the internet via the above apps. BOTIM is a favorite of all the people in UAE, it’s too easy and has the best user interface. The two plans I am talking about are the below:

Mobile Data Calling Plan: In this plan, you will get unlimited internet for calling over the internet using the BOTIM, Voice, HiU Messenger UAE, and C’Me apps. However, both prepaid and postpaid users can plan anytime they want.

For ELife Home Users: In this plan, you can call over the internet using your WiFi connection without any limitation using these apps, BOTIM, Voice, HiU Messenger UAE, and C’Me.

Cancel Etisalat Botim Subscription

If you have activated any of the packages for example regular mobile data calling plan or the ELife one for internet calling. And don’t wanna continue using the service. You can simply unsubscribe or cancel the subscription using the following methods.

Method #1:

Go to Play Store or App Store then download and use My Etisalat UAE App to cancel your BOTIM service or Voice, HiU Messenger UAE, and C’Me internet calling services.

Method #2:

This procedure is effortless, and anyone can unsub from the internet by calling on Mobile data or ELife Home Users. You can follow this method even if you don’t have the internet. Simply compose an SMS type “CCP” and then send it to 1012. You will get an SMS from Etisalat that you have successfully canceled your internet calling service.

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