Etisalat’s Visitor Line Premium & Premium Plus Plans

Etisalat offers the best two plans to Visitors in the UAE. However, In the  UAE while on the Etisalat network, they can enjoy enough data, voice calls and minutes, and better discounts than ever. As compared to other networks in the UAE, Etisalat visitor line packages are the best ones. Moreover, whenever you get your line, the below two are the best plans you can go for as a visitor to the United Arab Emirates.

There are more, you can also visit the best restaurants and tourist places and enjoy a plus AED 100 off Careem taxis. These plans will let you avoid high roaming costs from your network in your home country. While Etisalat will give you more with a lost cost.

Visitor Line

This one is the best budget offer from Etisalat for a low price and enough resources. You can get 2GB of internet data and 30 Flexible minutes for 28 days for only AED 49. Moreover, you get a free Careem ride up to AED 100, Simles buy 1 get 1 free. To get it, visit the nearest Etisalat branch. You can get it online from the official Etisalat website.

Visitor Line Plus

The best ever offer for visitors in the UAE. For the best price AED 79 for 28 days, you can enjoy 4GB of internet data and 30 free Flexible minutes. Moreover, there is a free gift of buy 1 get 1 free and Careem rides up to AED 100. You can easily get this package from the official Etisalat online store or any nearest store.

Visitor Line Premium Plan

The price of the package inclusive of VAT is AED 125 for 28 days. You get 8GB of internet data, 120 free minutes, and 5 hours of free WiFi, plus Careem AED 100. Moreover, you can download and install the Smiles App in the UAE and get a discount for buying one to get one free. To activate the package, visit the nearest Etisalat office.

Visitor Line Premium Plus Plan

For a very low price of AED 200 for 28 days. You can get 22.5GB of internet data, 525 free Flexi minutes, and 30 hours of free WiFi, plus Careem AED 100. Other than these, you can download and install the Smiles App for offers like Buy one get 1 free. Also, unlimited GoChat data promo. For easy activation, you will need to visit the nearest Etisalat office. However, the price of AED 200 is VAT inclusive.

Visitor Line Unlimited Data

If you wanna go unlimited with the internet data and need some minutes too. Then go with the Visitor Line Unlimited Data package. You can enjoy unlimited non-stop internet data and 100 free Flexible minutes for only AED 319 for 14 days. Free Careem rids up to AED 100 and free Simles buy 1 get 1 free. Get the package from the nearest Etisalat store or visit their official web portal.

So, these are the best premium plans for visitors to the Etisalat network in UAE. However, you can manage and check your data and other free resources by downloading the free My Etisalat UAE application. You can also *101# for further information. Once you consume data then are regular charges you will need to pay.

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