How to Switch to Etisalat from Any Network in UAE

You can enjoy amazing internet offers and other call services while on the Etisalat network. That is why if you are using another network sim card, you can switch to Etisalat anytime you want. Thus they offer great customer support and provide better calling offers and different add-ons. However, the choice is yours, but you can follow the below procedure in order to switch/port.

Switch to Etisalat from any network

you don’t have anything but your number on any other network and an application form. I am going to provide you with the link down below. However, please follow these steps to switch to the Etisalat network in UAE:

  1. Download this porting request form.
  2. Fill it up and submit it to any Etisalat Business centers.
  3. Don’t forget to bring your ID card with you.
  4. They will ask some questions.
  5. Once everything is done, your number will be switched to Etisalat in a few moments.

Thus there are a few important things you need to know. During the entire process of migration, your number is free of charge and there are hidden charges. Your number must be active and should not be under any service suspension before the migration process.

If you due charges on the network, you must pay them first and then fill out the form for switching to Etisalat. In other words, you cannot if you don’t pay the due bills of the other network. Even if they change the network Etisalat won’t activate your service until your due bills on the other network.

There are hundreds of benefits to porting to the Etisalat network. They provide better flexibility, cheap data plans, also free call me back services, and provide amazing support anytime. Moreover, the signal is strong all over the UAE for better communication and their data internet speed is faster. They also send you notifications upon data consumption, so that your balance is also secure.

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