How to Send Etisalat Call Me Back SMS via Code

Etisalat in UAE is an amazing telecom services provider. Though whenever you are low on balance you can get an advance loan. Also, you can ask your friends or anyone to call you back via Etisalat Call Me Back service. However, you can do this via code or just by sending a free SMS to any number and request a call back in no time.

How to Request Call Me Back on Etisalat

You can easily send a free SMS or text message to other Etisalat mobile numbers by dialing a simple code and request a call back. Arabic users to send SMS and request call back in the Arabic language, dial *199*receiver number# and press the SEND button.

However, English users can send SMS text requests, by dialing *188*Destination Number# and tap the SEND button.

  • Arabic users dial *199*receiver number#.
  • English users dial *188*receiver number#.

How to send Etisalat call me back SMS through code

The receiver will get a text message like this “You have received a call request from 0500XXXXXX”. Thus it depends on the user if he or she wants to call you back or not. But this is the only method you can try in order to do so.

More this is possible and Etisalat will let you send this message only if your mobile credit is less than AED 2 to use the “call back” service. However, there are other terms and conditions you need to know before using the service.

Terms and Conditions

This service (call back) is only available to all Etisalat prepaid customers in the UAE. Also to those customers who are abroad while roaming. There are no charges while using the services and you can send this request to any number but the other number should be on the Etisalat network.

Users with more than AED 2 mobile credit balance won’t be able to send the request. You can Etisalat customer care support if you are having trouble while requesting a free call back on your number.

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