How to Port or Switch from DU to Etisalat Online

In the UAE there are different telecom service providers, for example, DU and Etisalat are the most popular. Du also offers the best services such as internet offers and call solutions. But that is a user choice after all. However, a user can still port or switch or transfer his network connection from one to another. In this case, you wanna port your number from Du to Etisalat, right?

That is easy and you can do it without any complications online. However, visiting the nearest branch of the network you are switching to is important. In short, you can apply but cannot complete the process unless you visit the nearest network provider branch you are porting to. Anyway, you are here to change your network. Let’s get started…

Switch from Du to Etisalat Online

Both prepaid and postpaid customers are welcome to port to Etisalat from any network including Du. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before doing so. You must have a valid number on the network you are porting from. Also, make sure that there are du charges or any violation of your sim card number. The half process is online, but visiting the nearest branch to the switching network is mandatory. A valid Emirates ID is also important. Now, here is the procedure to do so:

  1. Download this form from Etisalat and fill it up.
  2. Enter your details e.g name and DOB, address, select the port number, etc.
  3. Now select a preferred porting date.
  4. Take this form with you and visit the Etisalat franchise with your Emirates ID.
  5. They may ask you some questions and will proceed with your request.
  6. On the date (you’ve entered as preferred porting date), everything will be done and you can enjoy your new network as Etisalat.
Etisalat porting request form
Etisalat porting request form

Disclaimer: Don’t download the above (Etisalat porting request form) as it is just for your reference, it is the official property of Etisalat and can be downloaded only from the above link.

For your information, porting your number from Du to Etisalat is free of charge. In short, there are charges for the overall process, the form is free of cost, and the porting too. The only thing that costs is to visit their business branch office. If your number is postpaid then make sure that you don’t have du bills on your du line before porting.

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