STC 120 International Minutes for SAR 80 Monthly

You can enjoy 120 free minutes on the STC network internationally. This is one of the best offers ever launched by a Saudi Telecom Company in Saudi Arabia. However, there is one more, I will show you that one too. But you can get international free minutes for 120 for the following countries, Please have a look at the details including price, validity, and activation code.

STC International Minutes, Call Packages

It’s one of the best international call packages from STC to 19 countries. The package is for prepaid customers only and is available only for monthly usage. The following countries are included or eligible to call using these 120 minutes. There are other call packages but this one is more affordable.

Supported Countries:

India, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Phillippines, Kuwait, Qatar, Nepal, Egypt, France, Indonesia, UAE, Jordan, Lebonan, Bangladesh, USA, Oman, Bahrain, and Oman.

Activation Process with Code:

To activate 120 minutes for international calls, SMS 4242 to 900. You can also deactivate the package by sending 4249 to 900 via SMS.

However, the price for an international calling package of 120 minutes is SAR 80.5 per month. The package may renew automatically. So, if you don’t like it at all then deactivate or unsubscribe it via the above command.

STC Call Package SAR 0.60/Minute Internationally

If you are calling back home daily from Saudi Arabia then this is the best package for you. Regular STC calling rates are very high and cost a lot. That is why you may want to activate this package and get a discount internationally. Each call will cost you only SAR 0.60 per minute from Saudi Arabia on your STC line.

However, you need to activate the offer first, send SMS 4292 to 900 while unsubscribing then SMS 4298 to 900. The price is SAR at 0.60 per minute worldwide. The package will renew each day so you will need to deactivate it if you don’t wanna use it anymore. Don’t forget to check your STC balance each time.

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