Etisalat Last Call Notification Activation & Deactivation

When you get an Etisalat sim card in UAE. There are lots of services activated in the sim card by default. You can check for those services and cancel them if you want. But the last call notification service is a great service by Etisalat. Once you are on an ongoing and the call ends, you get an SMS notification with the duration and cost of the call.

For most users, the service is very useful. But for lots of users, its quite annoying getting an SMS alert every time your end a call. I know that is the reason you are here and I will show you the procedure to activate and deactivate the last-call notification service on the Etisalat network in UAE. So let get started…

Deactivate Etisalat Last Call Notification Service

You have the full freedom to let the service works, as usual, cancel or opt-out of it anytime. The choice is totally yours, but here is the procedure to deactivate the last-call notification service:

  1. Dial *262*2# and press the call button.
  2. Wait for some seconds.
  3. You will get SMS confirmations for service cancellation.

Once you press the *262*2# and press that call button. Etisalat will receive your request for the last call notifications service. Thus the automatic system will trigger a confirmation SMS to your number and deactivate the service for you.

Activate Etisalat Last Call Notification Service

Sometime you may want to reactivate the last call SMS notification. Then you will start thinking to know the procedure for how to activate the service again. Here is how to activate Etisalat last call notifications service:

  1. Dial *262*1# and press the call button.
  2. Wait for a couple of seconds.
  3. You will receive a confirmation SMS from Etisalat for service activation.

That is how you can activate or reactivate the last call alerts on your Etisalat number again. Thus it is very useful. because you won’t need to check how much balance from your account has been deducted and how much airtime you had with the last caller. Later on in the future, if you wanna deactivate it again, follow the above procedure.

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