Virgin Mobile International Call Rates to PK, IND, PHL

Virgin Mobile in Saudi Arabia lets you connect with your loved ones internationally. For example, Pakistan, India, the Philippines, and every country around the globe. Thus they provide amazing and best offers in terms of calls. Their calling rates are cheap. Today I will show you their best offers and calling rates to Pakistan, India, and the Philippines, not just call but SMS rates as well. Then the choice will be yours to activate the best one. So let’s get started…

Virgin Mobile Calling Rates to Pakistan

On Virgin Mobile, from KSA to Pakistan calling rate is SAR 0.65 per minute. While the SMS rate is SAR 0.5 per SMS. So enjoy calling your friends and family members in Pakistan. Thus keep in mind that the rates above are exclusive of VAT.

Virgin Mobile Calling Rates to India

From your Virgin mobile in KSA to India, the calling rate is SAR 0.55 per minute. Moreover, the SMS rate is SAR 0.5 per SMS. However, enjoy the best calling rates in your home country India. Moreover, the above prices are exclusive of VAT.

Virgin Mobile Calling Rates to Philippines

The calling rates are as low as SAR 0.65 per minute from Virgine Mobile KSA to the Philippines. Thus the SMS rate is a little cheaper only SAR 0.5 per SMS. Remember these rates are exclusive of VAT. You can call their help for more information.

Moreover, it’s necessary to keep tracking your remaining balance. Because that can cost you some extra SAR per call and SMS. Moreover, there are some amazing internet packages offered by Virgin Mobile in KSA. Check that out if you are interested. However, their services are a little premium in terms of their prices and better services. In short, their offers can cost a little higher than compared to other network providers in KSA but the services they provide is unbeatable. Anyways, enjoy the best calling rate in your home country.

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