Recharge Zain Internet & Balance Online KSA

Zain SA allows its customers to recharge their internet data and top up their balance online. Now you don’t need to visit any Zain outlet or nearest shop to top up your internet data and balance. You can do it online on the official MyZain portal. However, I am going to show you the procedure below. Thus the only thing you need is a valid debit, credit, visa, or Mada card.

How to Recharge Zain Balance Online

You can use your computer or mobile phone browser for recharging the internet and balance online on the Zain network. You must have a stable internet connection and keep your debit or credit, Iqama ID card in from of you. Now please follow these steps:

  1. Visit myZain online portal.
  2. Select Data Top Up.
  3. Now enter your Zain number, Iqama ID number, Top Up amount, and VAT Value.
  4. Then select a Payment channel and enter your email.
  5. Click Next to enter your debit or credit card to recharge your balance online.
How to Recharge Zain balance Online
How to Recharge Zain balance Online

How to Recharge Zain Internet Online

Now you can easily recharge and activate any Zain internet package on the go. But this is only for prepaid customers in the Kingdom. You can activate 10GB for 3 months, 20GB for 1 month, 50GB for 2 months, 100GB for 3 months, 300GB for 3 months, and an unlimited data package using the procedure. Please follow these simple steps to recharge your Zain internet data online:

  1. Go to myZian online web portal.
  2. Then select Data Top Up.
  3. Now enter your Zain number and the Iqama ID.
  4. Select a data package and choose a payment channel.
  5. Enter your Email then click Next.
  6. Enter your debit or credit information to complete the top-up data online.
How to Recharge Zain Internet Online
How to Recharge Zain Internet Online

Remember only Zain prepaid users are eligible for recharging their mobile and internet balance online. However, postpaid users can visit the nearest Zain outlet to do so. Moreover, don’t forget to keep tracking your data or balance on Zain. This will help to avoid extra balance expanses.

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