Mobily Call Packages to Pakistan with Price & Activation

Mobily provides better international calling rates and minutes as compared to other networks in KSA. For a low price, you can get 45, 230, 460, 60, 300, and up to 600 calling minutes to Pakistan. Also, the price starts from SAR 6, 30, and up to 60. In this article, I will show you the best call package from Mobily to Pakistan with price, validity, and activation code. So stay here and keep on reading…

Mobily International Minuets for Pakistan

There are different 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 30 days monthly minutes packages for Ufone, Zong, Warid, Telenor, and Jazz networks in Pakistan. 1st I will show you the best and all the Mobily call packages for Pakistan only for the Ufone network. Have a look at the details:

Mobily 45 Minutes package for Ufone

Get 45 minutes only for 1 day (24 hours) for calls from Mobily to Ufone Operator in Pakistan. The price is SAR 6.00 only. To activate the 45 minutes package, dial *9222# or send an SMS with 92221 to 1100. The package will renew automatically, so there is no need to cancel it manually.

Mobily 230 Minutes package for Ufone

Enjoy 230 international minutes for the Ufone network in Pakistan on Mobily. The price is SAR 30.00 only. To subscribe to the 230 minutes package, dial this code *9226# or send code 99551 to 1100. You can cancel the package by sending this code 996611 to 1100 via SMS. You can also dial code *9236# to deactivate it.

Mobily to Ufone 460 Minutes package

You can enjoy longer calls with the best and most affordable Mobily calls package for Ufone. Get 460 Mobily minutes for Ufone Operator in Pakistan for SAR 60.00 only. To activate dial this code *9227# or send 99331 to 1100. To cancel the auto-renewal of the package dial *9223# or SMS this code 99771 to 1100.

60 Mobily Minutes for Zong in Pakistan

For SAR 6.00 only, you can enjoy 60 minutes for Zong numbers in Pakistan for 1 day (24 hours). Here is the activate code, dial *9208#. You can also send SMS 22331 to 1100 to subscribe to the minute’s package. The package won’t renew automatically, there is no need to deactivate it. You are all set.

300 Mobily Minutes for Zong in Pakistan

Need more minutes for more days? Get the 300 minutes package on Mobily for all Zong numbers in Pakistan for SAR 30.00. The validity is only 7 days. To subscribe, dial this code *9206# to get the package. However, you can also send 44551 to 1100 to activate it. Moreover, you can cancel it by dialing code 9216 or SMS 9216 to 1100.

600 Mobily Minutes for Zong in Pakistan

The best offer ever. Enjoy 600 minutes for all Zong numbers in Pakistan on Mobily. The price is SAR 60.00 only for 1 month. The activation is simple, all you need is to dial this code *9207# or SMS 55661 to 1100. Don’t worry, you can choose the package whenever you want. Send an SMS with 9217 to 1100 or dial *9217# and tap the call button.

Mobily 50 Minutes Package to Pakistan All Networks

For 24 hours or 1 day, you can activate 50 minutes for Pakistan. This is for a low price of SAR 6 per day. The validity is one day and the activation code is to send code 55551. Alternatively, you can dial this code *9203# to get the package. These 50 minutes are valid for all networks in PK.

Mobily 260 Minutes Package to Pakistan All Networks

This is one of my favorite calling packages for Pakistan. For the validity of only one week, you can have 260 international calling minutes to Pakistan for a very low price of SAR 30. You can easily subscribe to the 160 minutes package for all networks in PAK by sending 55441 to 1100. Also, you can dial this code *9209#. For package cancellation dial *9219#.

Mobily 540Minutes Package to Pakistan All Networks

Wanna talk more with friends and family members from Mobily to Pakistan. Then this is the best calling package for you. In the 540 minutes pack, you will have 540 International minutes to all networks in PK for the whole month. Meaning, the validity of the 360 minutes pack is 30 days. Enjoy a long call for a whole month on the Mobily network. The price is SAR 60. Moreover, to subscribe to the 360 minutes to Pakistan from Mobily, send code 44441 in a message to 1100 or dial *9204#. You can cancel it anytime by dialing *9214#.

However, it is important to track or check your remaining balance or free minutes resource via Mobily code. This is to track your remaining resources on time to avoid any extra charges from Mobily in KSA. There are the best internet and other offers by this network in Suadi Arabia you might be interested in.

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